Standard Fixed-term Deposit

Earn from your saved money with the help of standard fixed-term deposit offering an interest rate higher than that accrued on the savings accounts and attractive conditions.

  • Interest rate higher than that accrued on current and savings accounts depending on the currency, term and amount of the deposit.
  • Additional payments during the deposit term.
  • Transactions on the fixed-term deposit can be made in each branch of Unicredit Bulbank.
  • The deposit can be used as collateral on credit transactions - consumer loans, bank credit cards, etc.



You can choose your preferred term:

1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months

The deposit term is automatically renewed on the maturity date.

Minimum amount for opening

BGN 50, EUR/USD/GBP 100 or CHF150

If you expect upcoming transfers and receipts in your account you can open one-month deposit with a zero balance for a period of 30 days.


You choose whether to:

  • Let the interest accrue on your deposit amount.

  • Withdraw the interest on the maturity date.

  • Transfer the interest to another account opened with the Bank, including in the name of third person.

Terms and Documents


Interest bulletin

Additional Information

Account Opening

Request Online

Send request online after calculating your interest amout in the calculator above.

The deposit account can be opened personally

In each bank branch upon submission of identity card.

Bulbank Online

You can also open a deposit account by using the online banking service of UniCredit Bulbank - Bulbank Online, if you are already our customer.

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