Individual Annuity Insurance Allianz Stability

Plan your finances with Allianz Stability Annuity Insurance to ensure peaceful old age. The product does not depend on the retirement age and service and provides an excellent opportunity for personal investment.

  • Personal investment which ensures guaranteed annuity for a certain period of time
  • Additional annuity which is not bound by the retirement age or service
  • Opportunity to accumulate additional profitability from investments
  • Inheritance of the funds
  • Tax relieve for the natural persons and employers




Risks covered

  • Death of the insured during the term of deferment 

The insurance premiums paid are returned to the beneficiaries.

  • Permanent disability as a result of insurance accident which exceeds 30%

The insured is released from his obligation for further payment of insurance premiums, while the insurance amount of the monthly annuity is retained.

  • Death of the insured during the annuity period

If the insurance contract provides for an inheritance option the beneficiaries are paid the insurance reserve at the date of death.




Term of the insurance

You can choose the term of deferment as follows:

  • From 1 to 20 years - in case of single insurance premium
  • From 3 to 20 years - in case of deferred insurance premium

The annuity period is determined by you - from 1 to 20 years or lifelong.

You can freely choose the period after which you will start to obtain the annuity and the period for which it will be obtained. The annuity can be obtained permanently or for a fixed term and can be inherited.

Scope of the insurance

Allianz Stability Individual Annuity Insurance allows you to invest and to obtain a guaranteed annuity.

Monthly annuity

The monthly annuity (pension) amount is determined at the signing of the insurancepolicy.

Coverage of additional risks

If you choose the Accident Package during the term of deferment you can take advantage from the following additional coverage:

  • Death as a result of an accident
  • Temporary disability to work
  • Hospitalalisation
  • Medical expenses

Conclusion of insurance policy

Conclusion of insurance policy is offered for healthy persons aged 16 - 69 but not more than 70 years of age upon expiry of term of deferment of the insurance.

You can obtain additional information in the nearest branch of Unicredit Bulbank

Required Documents and forms

  • Application of annuity (pension) insurance policywith health declaration
  • Declaration of origin of funds - it must be submitted when the total amount of the insurance premiums payable during the waiting period exceeds BGN 30,000
  • Insurance policy

Early termination

The insured is entitled to terminate the insurance -policy prior to the expiry of the term of deferment and to receive the insurance policy surrender value provided that it can be surrendered.

The insurer is entitled to terminate the insurance policypursuant to the General Terms and Conditions.

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