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Allianz Unit Linked Life Insurance

Ensures a successful future by relying your funds on the professional management of with Unit Linked Life Insurance. Premiums paid under the insurance are invest in chosen by the cutomer investment portfolio of Amundi Group Funds.

  • Personal investment you decide where to invest your funds
  • Effective protection against unforeseen events for a long period of time
  • Opportunity for tax relieve
  • Opportunity to choose insurancesum
  • Opportunity for early use of part of the accumulated funds (partial surrender)




Allianz Unit Linked Life Insurance

Risks covered

  • Death as a result of an accident

  • Temporary disability to work

  • Hospitalalisation

  • Medical expenses


Insurance period


From 10 to 20 years




Insurance amount

  • This is the minimum amount that will be paid in case of death of the insured during the insurance period
  • It is determined by the insured in EUR or USD depending on his age and on the amount of the basic annual/monthly or single insurance premium

Upon manurity Allianz pays the value of the insurance personal account (investmented in Amundi Group calculated based on prices applicable at the date following the date ofmaturity).

Minimum insurance premium

  • EUR/USD 1,000 in case of single premium
  • EUR/USD 240 in case of annual premium
  • EUR/USD 20 in case of monthly premium
  • EUR/USD 100 in case of exceptional premium

Income from the investment/additional interest

It is formed by the performance of 6 investment baskets actively managed by Amundi Asset Management. The insurance premiums are invested at the choice of the insured in 6 investment programmes:

  • Conservative Programme in EUR and USD
  • Balanced Programme in EUR and USD
  • Dynamic Programme in EUR and USD

Investment of additional funds


The customer is entitled to change the investment portfolio with explicit instructions at any time (exceptional premiums).

Terms and conditions upon expiry


Upon maturity Allianz redeems the portfolio units and pays the amount to the customer (deferred payment is also acceptable).

Conclusion of insurance policy

Allianz Unit Linked Life Insuranceis offered for healthy persons aged 14 - 65 but not more than 70 years of age upon maturity of the insurance.

You can obtain additional information in the nearest branch of Unicredit Bulbank.

Required Documents and forms

  • Policy Application of Life Insurance related to Investment Fund withhealth declaration
  • Financial questionnaire (only when the insurance policy value exceeds BGN 60,000 or EUR / USD 30,000)
  • Medical examinations - they must be made if the insurance policy value exceeds certain insurance amounts
  • Declaration of origin of funds - it must be submitted when the total amount of the insurance premiums payable during the entire period of validity exceeds BGN 30,000
  • Insurance Policy

Early termination

The insured is entitled to terminate the insurance policy prior to maturity, as he shall receive the redemption cost of insurance, under condition that the insurance has the right to be redeemed.

The insurer (Allianz Bulgaria Life) is entitled to terminate the insurance policypursuant to the General Terms and Conditions.