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Debit Mastercard Kids

  • Aditional Debit Mastercard Kids for kids from 10 to 14 years It shall be issued to the main Debit Mastercard held by a parent / guardian
  • Possibility for exercising control over the expenses by the parent
  • Fast and easy contactless payment of everyday purchases
  • No fee for issuing, opening, servicing and using the card on POS terminal in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Automatic participation in the PLUS Programme You accumulate and use points when you pay by card in our partnership network

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Debit Mastercard Kids

Debit Mastercard Kids

Characteristics and fees

Debit Mastercard Kids is the international debit card with contactless functionality and a special design ensuring protected access to your funds.

It is issued as an additional debit card for a minor person– from 10 to 14 years of age, to the main Debit Mastercard of a parent/guardian.


Monthly card service fee


No card fee

Specific characteristics of the product

  • Low transactional limits for payment and withdrawing in cash
  • Decreasing the option for e-transactions
  • Restrictions of the use of the card with regard to specific merchant outlets related to subject of activity as gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.)



No fee

Suitable for

Children from 10 to 14 years of age






Chip, magnetic stripe and contactless functionality



BGN, EUR, USD depending on the type of the currency of the main card/account

Validity of the card


4 years, without an option for automatic re-issuance following the expiry of the card validity term

Time limit for issuing

  • Standard - 5 business days
  • Express - up to 48 hours

24/7 Customer Service Centre


in case of accident or if you need to check the card balance

Preferential conditions and special programmes


PLUS Programme

Please, read the entire list of parameters of the card under the Tariff and the General Terms and Conditions for opening, servicing and closing bank accounts of individuals and for providing payment services and instruments.


Issuing of the card

Required documents:

  • Application for issuing of a debit card for individuals
  • Birth Certificate of the minor person
  • ID card of a parent /guardian

Request your Debit MasterCard Kids at any Bank branch.

Application of the card and specific characteristics

The debit card is accepted in more than 32 million merchant outlets throughout the world and by more than 1.9 million ATMs - wherever Mastercard is accepted.

With his/her Debit Mastercard Kids your kid will be able to:


  • Make contactless payments - fast, easy and safely, with one motion, without entering a PIN code for purchases in the amount of up to BGN 50 in merchant outlets in Bulgaria with the contactless payments symbol
  • Pay for goods and services at POS terminals in merchant outlets in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Collect and pay using points for purchases at merchant outlets in the PLUS Programme
  • Cash withdrawal at an ATM


With the additional Debit Mastercard Kids the following transactions cannot be performed:


Cash back

Cash withdrawal at a POS terminal at a bank office

Paying of bills through ATMs in the system of BORIKA AD

Cash withdrawal on a mechanical device - imprinter


How does contactless payment work?

You can use your card contactlessly, if there is the characteristic symbol on the terminal, following these steps:

  1. See the amount on the POS terminal display. See the amount on the POS terminal display.
  2. Tap your card to the symbol on the POS terminal. Tap your card to the symbol on the POS terminal.
  3. The terminal makes sound and light signals and the transaction is complete. The terminal makes sound and light signals and the transaction is complete.

In case of contactless payments abroad, the value of the payment below which the entry of a PIN code is not required is different and is defined by the Bank servicing the terminal and the international card organizations (ICO).

For example, the average limit for payment without entering a PIN code in Europe is EUR 25.

Card activation

The process of card activation is now much faster and easier. After you receive your bank card you can activate it by changing your initial PIN code at an ATM of UniCredit Bulbank AD or at any other ATMs with the Borica AD* logo.



* The card activation and the change of PIN code is possible only at ATMs in Bulgaria!

PLUS Programme

PLUS Programme is specifically developed for all customers using credit and debit bank cards. Your participation in the programme gives you an opportunity to automatically collect points with card purchases in merchant outlets our partner network. 

The collected points can be used for purchase of goods and services in the whole partner network.
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