Donation Account

When you want to help, open a donation charity account.

  • You can dispose of funds on account upon presentation of supporting documents.
  • You can manage funds from any branch of UniCredit Bulbank.



Account Transactions

  • The account can be used to deposit cash or make non-cash payments by third parties – depositors/donors.
  • The account holder is entitled to dispose of the amounts raised in the donation account only and solely for the achievement of the specific charitable goal.

  • Disposal of funds on account through alternative channels is not permitted.
  • No periodic or utility payments are permitted.
  • The account is subject to attachment in accordance with provisions of the current legislation.


Holder of the charity donation account can be an adult legally capable person.





Minimum amount



In accordance with the Interest Rate Bulletin.

Perform disposal operations

Disposal transactions shall be executed upon presentation of copy of documents certifying that the funds on account will be used for the purpose specified in the contract. The copy of documents shall remain with the bank.

Account Opening

In person by the account holder

Upon presentation of identification documents and documents verifying the grounds for opening of such account.

By an authorized person

With a notarized power-of-attorney which explicitly specifies the transactions the proxy is authorized to execute.

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