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General Transactions Payment Account

General Transactions Payment Account


  • Issuing of only one international MasterCard debit card under the BGN account.
  • This account is used to provide the services listed in Annex 1 of BNB Regulation No. 3 free of charge or for reasonable fees.

  • You can subscribe to utility bills and recurrent payment service.
  • You can have the funds under the current account at your disposal at any UniCredit Bulbank branch in Bulgaria.



  • The Bank proposes the opening a Payment account with basic features in BGN, in accordance with the requirements of the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act (PSPSA).
  • The Bank has the right to refuse the opening of Payment account with basic features if the User already has a payment account maintained by UniCredit Bulbank AD or another bank in the territory of the country, through which the Customer can use the services referred to Article 118 of the (PSPSA).
  •  Certificate of the amount of income (when it will be received on the basic account)

Interest rate


In accordance with the Interest Bulletin of the Bank for individuals.

Transaction options

  • The operation on the Payment account with basic features generally include cash deposits and withdrawals, credit transfers, and transaction by card.

  • The account is not charged for service or for transactions ordered by the account holder, including cash withdrawals when they are on account of funds received from wages, pensions, social security and social assistance benefits and scholarships for pupils, students and postgraduate students.

  • No overdraft credit is available on the account.

Terms and Documents

Required documents

  • A General Transactions Payment Account Application /Agreement/ as per a template, explicitly specifying that you do not hold a similar account with UniCredit Bulbank or another bank on the territory of the country.

Chart Icon Interest Rates Bulletin

Account opening

In person

Upon presentation of an identification document.

By an authorized person

With a notarized power-of-attorney which explicitly specifies the transactions the proxy is authorized to execute.

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