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onemarkets Fund

Manage and invest your money through a unique and growing range of actively managed investment products.


onemarkets Fund

Exclusively for clients of the bank, onemarkets Fund is a product brand for state-of-the-art investment solutions designed by UniCredit.

onemarkets Fund is part of the existing investment universe for UniCredit clients with an additional and unique set of actively managed investment funds, catering to a range of risk and opportunity appetites and covering bond, equity and multi-asset classes.


Information about all funds and their prospectuses are available at


Why onemarkets Fund?

Three reasons why onemarkets Fund is a compelling offer:


Client centricity

Client-focused approach coupled with high competence.


Benefit from the long-standing and proven competence of UniCredit’s Investment Strategy and Product Management teams.


Deliver best-in-class client-focused products developed in-house or through partnering with prestigious asset managers - Amundi, Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Pictet, Pimco.




  • Minimum initial investment amount EUR/ USD 100
  • Fees The initial fee depends on the selected fund. For more information, ask your banker at UniCredit Bulbank.
  • Non-taxable capital gainsfrom investment in mutual funds.
  • Currency EUR/ USD
  • Minimum amount for each following investment EUR 100
  • Savings time horizon Long-term

Investing in onemarkets Fund

Detailed information about onemarkets Fund and investment opportunities you can learn more:


  • In all branches of UniCredit Bulbank

Information about the Prospectuses, Key Investor Information and other documents and materials about the funds are available at, as well as at

Investment strategies

onemarkets Fund are composed of funds with different investment strategies and can offer a solution for different financial goals. Let your funds benefit from the growth potential of the international capital markets.


More information about all funds and their prospectuses are available at


onemarkets PIMCO Global Short Term Bond Fund

Global fixed-income bonds with short durations of 0 – 5 years.

onemarkets PIMCO Global Strategic Bond Fund

A global, highly flexible benchmark-free bond solution with durations of 2 – 8 years.

оnemarkets BlackRock Low Duration Bond Fund

Euro Money market strategy with duration lower than 2 years.

onemarkets Allianz Conservative Multi-Asset Fund​

Investments in global bonds and global equities for conservative investors with a maximum equity exposure of 30%.

onemarkets Amundi Flexible Income Fund

Global diversified balanced strategy with the aim to provide stable annual income.

onemarkets Pictet Global Opportunities Allocation Fund

Dynamic global portfolio strategy with equity exposure up to 80%.

onemarkets PIMCO Global Balanced Allocation Fund

Flexible strategy with a maximum equity allocation of 35% and diversif cation with global and inflation-linked bonds.

onemarkets Balanced Eastern Europe Fund

Focus on high-quality names with government bonds and Eastern Europe’s blue chips. The Investment Manager is ZB Invest Ltd., a UniCredit Group company.

onemarkets Global Multibrand Selection Fund

Global fund of funds with an independent approach with a maximum equity exposure of 70%. The Investment Manager is UniCredit International Bank (Luxembourg) S.A., a UniCredit Group company.

оnemarkets Capital Group US Balanced Fund

 US balanced strategy with an equity target exposure of 60%.

onemarkets Amundi Income Opportunities Fund

Multi-Asset strategy that aims to generate a stable income and an equity exposure of 0-60%.

onemarkets Allianz Global Equity Future Champions Fund

Focus on global companies selected also taking sustainability criteria into account.

onemarkets Amundi Climate Focus Equity Fund

Focus on companies committed to a net zero world trajectory.

onemarkets BlackRock Global Equity Dynamic Opportunities Fund

Focus on broadly diversified stocks (across regions, countries, sectors and industries).

onemarkets Fidelity World Equity Income Fund

Global equity highly concentrated portfolio with a focus on stable dividend companies.

onemarkets J.P. Morgan Emerging Countries Fund​

Highly diversified portfolio with exposure to the longterm Emerging Markets demographic’s dynamics.

onemarkets J. P. Morgan US Equities Fund

Equity portfolio that invests primarily in US-based companies with sustainable focus.

onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund

Global Equity strategy with a focus on transition megatrend.



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This material is not intended to be relied upon as a forecast, research or investment advice and is not a recommendation or offer to buy or sell any securities or to adopt any investment strategy; it is for advertising purposes only and does not constitute legal, accounting or tax advice. This document contains information relating to the sub-funds (the “Sub-Fund”) of the Fund, an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), subject to Part I of the Luxembourg Law of 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment, as amended, in the form of an investment company with variable capital, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under no. B 271.238. The Sub-Fund is offered in the jurisdictions detailed in the prospectus for distribution and marketing in accordance with the applicable regulations.

For full and accurate information on the Fund and its sub-funds (including the investment policies, strategies, related risks, costs and fees etc.), please refer to the Fund documents mentioned hereafter.

Potential investors should examine whether the risks associated with investing in the Sub-Funds are appropriate to their situation and should also ensure that they fully understand the structure of the Sub-Funds and the risk associated with the investment. In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a financial advisor in order to determine if the investment in the Sub-Funds is appropriate, whereas it should be taken into account that UniCredit Bulbank AD is not providing any investment advice.

The value of the shares and the profit from an investment in the Fund could go down or up, depending on the market conditions. The Sub-Funds do not offer any guarantee of return. Furthermore, past performance is not indicative of future results. The returns presented do not hold in consideration of any fees and costs incurred in subscribing and redeeming the shares.

It is not addressed to any “U.S. Person” as defined in the Securities Act of 1933 and the Prospectus of the Company (the “Prospectus”). The Prospectus, the KID and further documents and forms related to the Sub-Funds are not available to investors in certain countries in which the Fund is not registered and not offered for distribution and marketing purposes.

Before making any investment decision, please read the KID (in Bulgarian language) and the Prospectus (available in English with the English version representing the legally binding one) and the articles of incorporation of the Fund (in English language), which are available at and can be obtained as hard copy free of charge by request of the investor, together with the latest annual reports and half annual reports at the registered offices of the Management Company (as defined below) and at the distributors’ premises.

A summary of the information on investor rights as well as the instruments of collective redress can be found in English at:

This marketing communication is published by Structured Invest S.A., the Fund’s management company.

On the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, UniCredit Bulbank AD is a sub-distributor of units of funds offered on the onemarkets Fund platform, managed by Structured Invest S.A.

Structured Invest S.A. (the “Management Company”) was incorporated under the name Structured Invest on 16 November 2005 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a public limited company (“Société anonyme”) for an indefinite period and is registered with the Luxembourg commercial and company register, Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés, under no. B 112.174. The Management Company has its registered office at 8-10, rue Jean Monnet, L 2180 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and it is part of UniCredit Group.

The Management Company may decide to terminate the arrangements made for the marketing of its collective investment undertakings in accordance with Article 93a of Directive 2009/65/EC.

*as meant under PRIIP KID Regulation of 26 November 2014, as amended from time to time: Key Information Document for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIP KID).