Leasing Donna

Leasing Donna is a product, particularly well suited for ladies. It is a brand-new car financial leasing with car acquisition option at the end of lease period.

By choosing Leasing Donna ladies get a brand-new car at attractive terms. Ladies enjoy VIP services by UniCredit Insurance Broker and a practical gift – a baby car seat!

Parameters for purchase of a new vehicle


Up to 5 years

Interest Rate

Fixed annual interest rate of 4.5% for the lease.

Initial lease installment


Repayment schedule

Flexible lease schedule tailored to ladies’ needs – 20% installment reduction option for the first year of motherhood.

Administrative fee

Payable by instalments


  • “Autocasco” insurance at an attractive price with no-cost deferred payment option.
  • Optional insurance GAP to protect Your car against depreciation in the event of theft or total damage, providing for additional loan funds worth of BGN 30,000 for the Lessee to set off outstanding liabilities to the leasing company and financial aid for the initial lease installment for a brand-new car of the same class.

Other benefits

  • VIP services by UniCredit Broker
  • Gift – a baby car seat