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Consumer loans througn Bulbank Mobile

Apply for a consumer loan through Bulbank Mobile entirely remotely, with only a few clicks.

Consumer loans througn Bulbank Mobile

Now you can apply for a consumer loan wherever you are, directly from your mobile phone. It is fast and easy to apply and get an approval, you can sign* the consumer loan agreement in Bulbank Mobile, with no need to visit a bank branch!



What you need to do?

  • Download and activate Bulbank Mobile
  • Open the menu Product Requests
  • Select Consumer Loan and simply follow the steps in the application

In addition, with the mobile banking application on your phone:

  • You get 24/7 access to information for your funds;
  • You can make bank transfers within seconds and for lower fees compared with performing such operations at a cash desk in a bank branch;
  • You can request remotely your desired products and services and you can do also so much more!

* The possibility to sign a consumer loan agreement in Bulbank Mobile depends on the approved parameters for the loan.