Saving Plan Pioneer

Save and obtain good income by small regular installments which are invested every month in Pioneer Mutual Funds. The amount of the monthly instalments is as accessible as possible and is tailored to your individual financial opportunities.

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  • Purchase of high-class securities from Pioneer Funds by paying minimum monthly instalments
  • Opportunity to invest in a sub-fund which includes shares of large companies by paying an amount smaller than that required to purchase 1 company share
  • Minimum risk and good return due to the averaged investment price
  • Opportunity to chose among all Pioneer Funds offered and opportunity for direct investment
  • Opportunity for redemption, conversion and transfer of savings plan units
  • Opportunity to chose date for the purchase of units
  • Automatic transfer from the account in case of insufficient funds the system checks for such funds in the next 3 business days




Amount of the monthly investment

Minimum amount – EUR / USD 20

Once specified by the customer, the monthly investment amount cannot be changed.


36, 60 and 120 months

These terms are the minimum ones for which the customer can invest the full amount. The customer is not required to make installmentsevery month. The non-payment of monthly instalments leads to extension of the term.

Total amount

The number of months in the selected savings plan is multiplied by the monthly instalment designated by the customer.

Sub-funds involved in the saving plan

All sub-funds of Pioneer Investments publicly offered in Bulgaria are involved in the savings plan.

Each savings plan represents an investment in only one sub-fund. The investment in two sub-funds is considered as two separate saving plans.


You can choose between four saving plans (SP I for 36 months; SP II for 60 months, SP III for 120 months and SP IV for 120 months).

Regularity of the investments

Monthly - individual choice of a date of the month (from 1st to 28th) to invest the amount.

Once specified by the customer, the date of investment cannot be changed.

Fees and commissions

In the purchase of a savings plan the customer pays an entry fee to the selected sub-fund. The entry fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount. The customer must pay 100%, 80% or 65% of the fee depending on the selected plan.


The savings plan matures when its total amount has been reached.

No redemption, conversion and transfer of units affect the total amount of the savings plan.







36 months

60 months

120 months

120 months






Minimum amount

EUR / USD 20

EUR / USD 20

EUR / USD 20

EUR / USD 20

Maximum amount






100% entry fee

80% entry fee

65% entryfee

100% deferred fee

It is paid in parts along with the first 12 monthly instalments.




The total amount of SP I is calculated by multiplying the number of months by the monthlyinstallments : 36 months x EUR 20 = EUR 720.

If we assume that the customer has chosen to invest in sub-fund Top European players where the entry fee is 5% then, the customer should provide:

  1. The first monthly investment of EUR 20

  2. The entry purchase fee (100% single fee) EUR 720 x 5% = EUR 36

Total EUR 20 + EUR 36 =  EUR 56


If the customer has chosen to invest in SP II he must pay only 80% of the entryfee


The customer is entitled to terminate the Saving plan at any time during its duration/term without paying additional fees or commissions.

Upon termination of the saving plan the entry fee paid at its beginning is not refunded to the customer.

The customer is entitled to redeem some or all of the shares held by him under the relevant savings plan.

In case of redemption of all shares held by the customer the savings plan remains active and the system continues to make monthly installmentsuntil reaching the total amount of the relevant plan.

Change of the Sub-fund

When converting shares from one sub-fund to another the following are retained:

  • Type of the saving plan
  • Currency of the sub-fund
  • Amount of the monthly investment specified by the customer
  • Date of investment specified by the customer

All units of the saving plan are converted.


Transfer of shares from savings plan of another investor

The saving plan parameters are retained. Only the account holder is changed. All subsequent investments are made from the account of the new holder.


Information on the opportunities to invest in Saving Plan Pioneer can be obtained in all branches of UniCredit Bulbank.

Information on all sub-funds and their prospectuses is available on the official website Pioneer Investments.

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