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Take the city card with Mastercard, take the cashback


Just bring your card closer to the validation device and travel anywhere by the public transport in Sofia.

Take the city card with Mastercard, take the cashback

Buy your ticket with Mastercard® for more trees on the planet

With your Mastercard issued by UniCredit Bulbank you travel in the public transport of Sofia not only fast and convenient, but also greener. Pay for your ticket in one go and join the Priceless Planet coalition, which aims to preserve the environment and fight climate change: for every contactless transaction made with Mastercard, a sum is set aside to plant 100 million trees on the planet until 2025.

How to pay for your ticket with Mastercard?

  • Touch the card or device to the validators - at the turnstiles at the entrance to the subway or to the doors of the bus, trolley and tram;
  • The price of the trip is BGN 1.60 and upon successful purchase, the validator displays a "Valid Card";
  • You will receive a payment notification to SOFIA TRANSIT in the bank statement or SMS / email;
  • If you travel more than three times a day - including a combination of metro and land transport - you automatically pay only a daily ticket of BGN 4.00.

When checked by employees of the Urban Mobility, you bring the card or the device with which the transaction was made closer to the devices of the controllers, and they count whether validation has been made.

You can learn more about the campaign here.