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Your First-of-the-Month-Mastercard-Gift

Every month starts with a gift from your Mastercard® issued by UniCredit Bulbank - register at, pay with your card at a restaurant, bar or for food delivery every 1st of the month and expect 10% of the amount back at your current account.

Your First-of-the-Month-Mastercard-Gift

Start the month with a gift from your
Mastercard® from UniCredit Bulbank

Mastercard will make every 1st of the month until the end of the year a real occasion for celebration. You will get 10% back on your account from every amount you spend in a restaurant, bar or takeaway that day.*

Sign up at and make the beginning of each month a real treat!

You can learn more about the campaign in the official rules.

*Only individuals of legal age with a residence in Bulgaria and a Mastercard card issued in Bulgaria are eligible to participate in the campaign. The receipt of 10% cashback from the amount paid in the participating establishments is paid to the campaign participant's account within 10 days of making the payment. A cashback payment will be made on the condition that the estimated total payment budget for the relevant campaign period has not yet been spent.