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Debit card Mastercard World Business Debit

  • Free access to business lounges at Sofia, Vienna, Istanbul, Belgrade and Skopje airports
  • Free insurance "Travel and accident assistance"
  • Airport Security Fast Track
  • Option to add a card to Apple Wallet, Google Wallet and Digital Wallet for Huawei
Debit card Mastercard World Business Debit
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Debit card Mastercard World Business Debit

Features and Fees

Mastercard World Business Debit is an international debit card by which the control on the operating costs is in your hands. The card is designed for all kinds of everyday payments of small and medium businesses - especially for those who want to monitor and control in detail their costs.

You have accurate and updated information related to business travel, purchases and services. Bank provides an opportunity to issue additional cards to employees in the firm to track the costs and account movement.




Validity of the card


6 years

Time limit for issuing


5 working days for standard

Additional card


Yes, as per tariff. Choose which employees to use such a card, as well as what limit to dispose.

No issuance fee


and delivery to an address within Bulgaria

Contactless payment for daily purchases


No requirement to enter PIN for card purchases up to BGN 100 in the country

Secure payments to online merchants


with 3D "Dynamic Passwords"

Review the full list of the card parameters determined pursuant to the Tariff and the General terms and conditions for bank cards and for provision services via bank card as an online paument tool.

Tariffs and General Terms

Issuance and service




No fee

Express issuing/re-issuing

40 EUR

Re-issuing after on the expiry date

No fee

Re-issuing before the expiry date

10 EUR

Annual service fee of a main card 50 EUR

Annual service fee of the additional card

35 EUR

Change of the card parameters


Additional card


Benefits and package programmes

Free of charge insurance

Automatically enrolled for Virtual PIN

Transaction charges and fees



Payment in merchant outlets in the country and abroad

No fee

Payment of goods and services in the Internet

No fee

Withdrawing cash from ATM:

of the bank

No fee

another bank in Bulgaria

1% + 3.50 EUR

abroad at ATMs of banks from UniCredit Group

No fee


2,50% + 3.50 EUR

Balance check at ATM in Bulgaria

0.20 BGN

Transactions systems

No fee

Cash withdrawal at POS terminal:

in bank branch

1% + 3 EUR

another bank in Bulgaria

2% + 3.50 EUR


2,50% + 3.50 EUR

Upon performing a bank card transaction on a real or virtual device abroad in a currency different from the currency of the card account, the transaction amount shall be converted in an amount for sending the financial output of the executed transaction from the Acquiring Bank of the merchant that has accepted the payment to the Card Issuing Bank at the exchange rate of the International Card Organization (ICO), VISA or Mastercard applied on the day of sending. UniCredit Bulbank AD shall book the transaction on the Client’s account where the sent amount debiting the Client’s account shall be converted in an amount in the currency of the account at the respective buy/sell exchange rate of UniCredit Bulbank AD applied on the day of booking the transaction (which may be different from the day of sending the payment). The currency of the amount of the sent payment transaction is USD (for payments made in US dollars) and EUR (for all other payments). UniCredit Bulbank AD does not apply any additional fees in case of revaluation of the bank card transactions.

Transaction limits



Payment at POS terminal at merchant outlets

8 000 BGN for 1 transaction

26 000 BGN for 24 hours

36 000 BGN for 7 days

Cash withdrawals from ATM and on POS at bank branch in Bulgaria

2 000 BGN for 1 transaction

4 000 BGN for 24 hours

14 000 BGN for 7 days

Cash withdrawals from ATM and on POS at bank branch abroad

1 000 BGN for 1 transaction

4 000 BGN for 24 hours

14 000 BGN for 7 days

Total payments for the period

80 for 24 hours

140 for 7 days

Card activation

The card activation process is now much faster and easier. Once you have your bank card, you can activate it yourself by changing your original PIN at UniCredit Bulbank’s ATM or all other ATMs with the logo of BORICA AD*.


*Activation of a card and change of PIN code is possible only at ATMs in Bulgaria!

Application of the Card

  • Contactless payments – quick, easy and secure payment with only one move without a requirement to enter PIN for card purchases up to BGN 100 in merchant outlets in the country marked with the contactless payment symbol.
  • Booking and rental services - cars or airline tickets and hotels.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATM and POS terminal in any bank branch.
  • PIN change and information on the last five transactions.
  • Payment of products and services in Internet.
  • Payment of bills and services from an ATM in Bulgaria through the B-Pay system.
  • Account balance at ATMs in Bulgaria and abroad.
  • In case of contactless payments abroad the payment amount below which PIN is not required is different and is determined by the Bank which services the terminal and by the international card organisations (ICO). For example, in Europe the average payment limit below which no PIN is required is EUR 50.

How to apply

Required documents and terms

  • Client’s ID card
  • Foreigners should a resident permit for Bulgaria
  • Application form for debit card when visiting UniCredit Bulbank branches 

Apply for your Mastercard World Business Debit

In branch of the bank

Apply for the card in any bank branch.

Through the online and mobile banking

Bulbank Online
Bulbank Mobile

Security Tips

Take care of your financial security by following a few simple rules when using your card.

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