Online Payment Tips

Online payments are part of our everyday life, but they have some specifics that are good to know. Check out some tips that will help you increase your awareness.

We recommend

you to choose websites included in the Visa and MasterCard secure payment programs.

If the website does not support them

check if it is secure – look for a key or padlock icon (in the link’s name) of at the bottom of your browser.

Avoid any free

and public Wi-Fi networks when making card payments.

Make sure that the antivirus

software on your device is active.

Use your card in person only

and do not give it to your relatives, acquaintances or friends.

Know your card’s transaction

limits when making payments.

Subscribe your card, free of charge

for the online secure payments service and confirm your purchases through your personal virtual PIN.

Change your passwords regularly

Do not use identical or easy to guess passwords when registering online.

Do not store your card details

in websites in which you make payments and do not write them on paper next to your computer or mobile device.

If you receive a message on behalf of the bank

Visa, MasterCard, another institution or merchant requiring submission of personal and/or card details, email address, passwords, etc. for verification of your profile, keep in mind that this is a malicious attempt. If you have provided your data, immediately inform the bank to block your card.

Before paying for goods

or services online, check the reputation of the site and merchant in independent blogs or forums.

Do not accept automatically

the general conditions (GC) of the website upon registration. Check the delivery time, subscription, cancellation policy and return policy of the product, registration of complaints, warranty, etc.

Be careful

when offered any “free” or “demo” product/services by a merchant. If the services offered are free of charge, the merchant should not request of any card details from you.

Review the terms and conditions

of websites offering different types of subscriptions (online games, antivirus software, promotional activities, etc.) concerning your consent/refusal for automatic subscription and regular charging of your card with a certain amount.

Keep the electronic payment receipt

email or other correspondence with the merchant. It can be useful in case of payment dispute.

If the merchant fails to send/provide

the goods or services in the appropriate form, you should contact him to clarify the matter. In the event of dispute, contact the bank for assistance.

Use the additional

services such as SMS notification or insurance.

Review your monthly account

statement for any card payments and where needed, contact the bank for assistance.