ATM Withdrawal Tips

Most often debit cards are used at ATM machines for transactions such as cash withdrawal, inquiries and payment of bills.

When using your card at an ATM, regardless of transaction, you should ensure your financial security by following a few basic rules.

Change your PIN

from time to time and cover it with your hand when entering it on the ATM’s keypad.

Do not write your PIN

on your card, on paper or any other medium.

Do not provide your card details

to relatives, acquaintances or friends and do not leave them unattended in public places.

Before using the ATM

check the terminal for additional devices or cameras. If you see anything unusual, look for another ATM.

Review regularly your account

transactions and if necessary contact the bank.

Upon withdrawal of cash

check whether the amount received corresponds to the amount requested. If you find any discrepancy, contact the nearest bank branch.

If during withdrawal

the ATM holds your card immediately call the 24/7 phones for assistance in order to have it blocked and get further instructions.

f your card gets lost or stolen

immediately call the 24/7 phones for assistance to have it blocked as soon as possible.

Follow precisely the instructions

on the ATM screen. Do not let yourself be distracted by strangers kindly offering their help.

Take advantage

of the additional services, such as SMS notification,secure payments password or insurance offered by the bank.