POS Payment Tips

Payment by bank card on a POS terminal is very convenient and with the entry of contactless cards, such payments have become faster than ever.

Do not hesitate to make payments at POS terminals. If you follow a few basic rules you can be sure the funds in your card account are safe and you can seamlessly enjoy the advantages of this method.

During the payment if

the terminal and your card should be at a visible place in front of you.

If your card is contactless

it should stay with you during payment.

Before confirming the payment

check whether the amount written on the display of the POS terminal is correct.

If the POS terminal requires PIN code

carefully cover the keypad with your hand.

No need to sign

the slip if it contains a “signature not required” message.

In case of refunded payment

you can contact the Customer Contact Center, of the bank to check the reason for refusal or pay in an alternative way.

The merchant may require

identification document in order to verify the name with that on your card.

Vendors are not allowed

to record any data from your card.

Some of your card details

can be recorded on the receipt of the POS terminal only if the payment is made in a currency exchange office or if you have provided your details through a reservation form to a hotel, tourist or rent-a-car agency.

Upon transaction completion

do not forget to take your card and POS receipt, as well as any additional invoices or documents issued by the merchant. You may need them later.

If you find that your payment

was duplicated or you were overcharged or undercharged and you are still on site, notify the merchant immediately. If you do not receive assistance from him, contact the bank.

If you forget your card

in a store or your card is lost or stolen, immediately call the 24/7 phones for assistance and to have it promptly blocked.

Take advantage

of additional services such as SMS notificationsecure payment password or insurance offered by the bank.