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Useful tips for using a real POS terminal device

When using the real terminal device on a daily basis, sometimes we tend to forget some very important details.

Therefore, we have prepared for you some useful tips, which can help you feel more confident and safe about using the real terminal device and avoid any unnecessary difficulties for you and your customers.

Useful tips for using a real POS terminal device

When is a customer’s signature required on the receipt printed by the real POS terminal device?


  • The cardholder shall sign the POS receipt only in case there is a signature field on it.

  • The cardholder shall sign the POS receipt only in case there is a signature field on it.


For payments in casinos, gaming halls or exchange offices, the employee must write on the front side of the original receipt printed by the real terminal POS device:


  • The first 4 digits of the bank card number

  • The number and type of the identity document, its expiry date and place of issue
  • The cardholder's name

  • A signature by the customer on the receipt even if a PIN code has been entered

Improvement of the customer service when making payments in hotels and rent-a-car companies by manual entering of card details (Key Entry) on the real POS terminal device.


When you receive card details (number and term of validity of the card) from a customer or via the relevant booking system, you must:


  • Block the relevant amount on the credit or debit card of the customer without directly charging him/her (you perform authorization of the payment).
  • The amount must not exceed the amount of the booking confirmed by the customer.
  • When the customer visits the hotel or the rent-a-car company, it is necessary for his/her card to be read by the real POS terminal device (with the magnetic stripe or chip) through the function “Purchase + code”; In order to complete the transaction correctly, you have to use the code of the initially received authorization.
  • The customer shall sign the POS receipt, if this is required.
  • If the customer does not show up at the hotel or the rent-a-car company, you have the option to collect a penalty fee (“No Show“) amounting to the price for a one-night stay or a one-day rent of a car.
  • In case of a failure to fulfill any of his/her obligations under an agreement, unpaid services such as consumption from a mini bar, damages caused to a car, fines, etc., within 10 days of returning the car or using the hotel, the merchant shall:
  1. Send a notification to the customer together with an official document - an expert opinion from an insurance agent, a licensed car repair shop, a statement of violation, etc. for the amount due and payable by the customer.
  2. Wait for up to 10 days for a reply to the email sent to its customer.
  3. Withhold the amount due by a transaction with the customer’s card within a maximum of 90 days of the date on which the customer left the hotel or returned the car.
  • The customer’s agreement with the purchase and its general terms and conditions shall be certified by a signature on a document of the merchant or by filling in an electronic form when confirming an online booking (Check-box).

How long shall the documents for executed payments be kept for?


  • All receipts and documents related to executed transactions shall be kept by the merchant for a period of 13 months of the date of the transaction.


How to proceed when refunding amounts to customers?


  • The filled-in form for Reversal/Refund (cash refund) shall be sent to the Relationship Manager for execution of the transaction.  In case the booking amount is to be refunded to the customer (due to a cancellation by the customer or the merchant, a wrong or a duplicate booking, etc.), the merchant shall be the one to initiate the cash refund by filling in a Reversal/Refund form and sending it to the Relationship Manager. 

  • The cash refunds to customers shall be performed only by a Reversal/Refund transaction onto the card with which the initial transaction was made.

How to proceed in case of an unsuccessful transaction?


  • In case the POS terminal device does not print out a receipt or if there is “Transaction rejected” written on it, this means that the payment was unsuccessful.

  • In order to check which is the latest successful transaction, you have to press the button for a receipt copy on the real POS terminal device.

  • If the transaction is unsuccessful, try again to read the card. If necessary, you can ask the customer to pay with another card.

In case you need assistance for checking a suspicious transaction, you can contact:


Your Relationship Manager


The Call Center


at phone number 02/ 933 7 212 or at short number 15 212 for local mobile operators.

You can receive further information about the payments using a real POS terminal device from: