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Standard Term Deposit

Bank account for keeping funds in foreign or local currency, for a predetermined contractual period and with a fixed for the term interest rate.

The deposit account is credited only by non-cash funds transfer from a current account, opened by the holder with the bank.

A minimum deposit amount is required that depends on the currency and is determined in the Interest Rate Bulletin.

Standard Term Deposit


  • Safest way to store funds compared to other types of financial instruments.
  • Deposits are accepted as collateral for loan transactions and commercial arrangements - tenders guarantees and documentary payments.

Disposition of Funds

During the term of the deposit:

  • Depositing of additional  funds is not allowed.
  • Transfers or cash withdrawals are not allowed.
  • When maturity of the deposit falls on a non-working day, you can dispose with the deposited funds on the next business day.
  • Upon deposit closing the funds are transferred to your current account.
  • Upon maturity you can dispose with the whole amount or a part of it by initiating a transfer of funds to your current account opened and kept with the bank.
  • Upon maturity or on the date of early withdrawal the accrued interest is paid into your deposit account or transferred to another account as specified in the Request for opening of deposit.

Upon breach of the terms of the term deposit before the contractual date, the bank accrues interest rate as for current account for the period of standing of funds on the deposit.

Whom is it suitable for?

Local and foreign companies, public and financial institutions which:

  • Wish to obtain financing against cash collateral.
  • Have free funds for the deposit term.

Guaranteed Amounts

Deposit accounts are guaranteed under the conditions and to the amount provisioned  by the Law on Bank Deposit Guarantee with the exception of:


  • Banks when deposits are opened  on their behalf and  for their own account
  • Financial institutions under art. 3 of the Law on Credit Institutions; insurance and reinsurance companies; pension insurance companies and mandatory and voluntary pensionfunds
  • Investment intermediaries; collective investment schemes, national investment funds, alternative investment funds and special investment purpose companies
  • Budget organizations under § 1, p. 5 of the Additional Provisions of the Public Finance Act
  • Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund,  Investor Compensation Fund and Guarantee Fund under Art. 287 of the Insurance Code
  • Amounts in accounts with no operations ordered by depositor in the last 24 months before date of issuance of act under Article 20, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Bank Deposit  Guarantee and the balance on each of the accounts is less than BGN 20.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the General Terms and Conditions of UniCredit Bulbank for opening, servicing and closing of term deposits of legal entities and sole proprietors and the Interest Rate Bulletin for legal entities and sole proprietors.

Conditions under which the deposit is negotiated will be valid without change for the agreed period.

There is no problem the deposit and loan currencies to be different, but you may be required to provide a higher percentage of collateral coverage (haircut). For more information, please contact a Relationship manager.

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