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Useful tips for using a virtual POS terminal device

When using the virtual terminal device on a daily basis, sometimes we tend to forget some very important details.

Therefore, we have prepared for you some useful tips, which can help you feel more confident and safe about using the virtual terminal device and avoid any unnecessary difficulties for you and your customers.

Useful tips for using a virtual POS terminal device

Confirmation of the online order by the customer


  • You must provide the customer with the possibility to accept the terms and conditions of the purchase, delivery and personal data processing with a ”Check-box“ button.


Refunds to customers


  • The cash refunds to customers shall be performed only by a Reversal/Refund transaction onto the card with which the initial transaction was made.


How long shall the documents for executed payments be kept for?


  • The online orders, the terms and conditions valid for them, the customer’s agreement with the terms and conditions, as well as other documents related to the transaction (e.g. a document for a delivery of goods) must be kept by the merchant for a period of 13 months of the date of the transaction.

In case you need assistance for checking a suspicious transaction, you can contact:


Your Relationship Manager


The Call center


at phone number 02/ 933 7 212 or at short number 15 212 for local mobile operators.