Virtual POS Terminal

The virtual POS terminal enables you to receive payments with local and international cards through your website. Offer your customers a secure, convenient and modern way of payment for goods or services available in your online store.


Payments are guaranteed by the security systems "Verified by Visa" by Visa Europe and "MasterCard Secure Code" by MasterCard Worldwide, which provide online identification of the cardholder making the payment by a secret password and thus giving an explicit proof of purchase

Currency account


Deadline for authentication of payments

Within 3 working days

Accepts transactions

With cards bearing the logos of Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, MasterCard, Maestro


Perform immediate authorization of each submitted payment in real time.


Ability to check in real time the status of any attempt to pay for a particular customer order.


Ability for the trader to reimburse part of or the full amount of a successfully placed order.

24/7 service center

To support merchants.

Additional Functionalities

Suitable for commercial activities such as:

  • Payment of profits from betting
  • Payment of compensations under insurance policies
  • Payment of profits from investment intermediaries
  • No later than 30 days from the date of transaction

Suitable for traders with the following activities:

  • Bookings for Rent-a-Car/ Hotel/ Airline Tickets
  • Sale of vouchers


Who can apply?

Virtual POS terminal is suitable for legal persons who possess:

  • Active website
  • Tax registration in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • The necessary licenses and permits to conduct business under the local legislation - for example travel agency, insurance broker, investment broker, etc.

What is necessary?

  • To submit an application at a branch of UniCredit Bulbank and if necessary - open a current account.
  • To provide balance sheet and PLS for the last accounting period or annual tax return.

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