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Travel and accident insurance

Travel and accident insurance provides you comfort during your travels abroad.

  • The insurance is provided as a gift to the cardholders with Visa Classic Debit and Visa Gold Debit cards, Visa/Mastercard Gold and Visa/Mastercard Platinum credit cards and Visa/Mastercard Business debit and credit cards
  • Over 20 insurance covers on the territory of the whole world
  • Medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Easy and quick connection with the Insurer in Bulgarian and English
  • Additional coverages on the territory of Bulgaria

Travel and accident insurance

Covered risks

  • Emergency medical expenses due to accident or illness
  • Medical expenses for outpatient and inpatient treatment of “coronavirus” infection

  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Third party liability for material and non material damages

  • Luggage delay

  • Loss of luggage

  • Medical transportation

  • Flight cancellation
  • Flight delay of over 4 hours
  • Many more


Travel and accident insurance


Provides you comfort during your travels abroad. The product is presented as a gift from UniCredit Bulbank and provides over 20 insurance covers on the territory of the whole world.



The insurance cover is activated with purchase of tourist package or a part of it / airplane ticket, bus ticket or other trasport, hotel reservation, rent-a-car/ or other service connected with the travel, purchased with the credit card on the territory of Bulgaria or by using the card on ATM or POS abroad during the travel. 



The cover for abroad is valid for unlimited number of travels 365 days (with maximum single travel of 90 days). 

Insurance term


The insurance is concluded for one year and is renewed by the bank. Insurance coverage is active until expiration date of your bank card. In case your bank card is issued before 31.08.2022 the Insurer is “Generali Insurance” AD, effective as of 01.09.2022 the Insurer is AWP P&C S.A., Branch for Bulgaria (Allianz Partners).

Limit of liability


The limit of liability of insurer depends on the type of the bank card and the covered risk. More information for the limits is available in the insurance certificate.

Insurance conditions

More information about the insurance conditions of Travel and accident insurance you can receive in every branch of UniCredit Bulbank.