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Your Business Goals

Your Business Goals


In case your business requires additional working capital for production or realization of your production, we are offering full scale of suitable services:

Aimed to companies that need short-term W/C financing allowing flexibility as per their specific need

Aimed to companies that need short-term W/C financing allowing flexibility as per their specific need.

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Factoring is a complex financial tool for managing your account receivables from clients. It optimizes your needs for working capital through professional management and finance of the account receivables. Factoring may include protection against default or nonpayment of your buyers.

Short-term loan for financing Seller's need of W/C required for payments to vendors under invoices for deliveries to pre-approved clients.  The loan can be secured by seller company's assets.



Successful companies not only have development plans, but they also work on their execution. Partnering with UniCredit Bulbank you have the real possibility of realizing your plans through our investment products:

Loans dedicated for financing of real estate projects, where the debt service depends entirely on the revenues generated by the project, while the property is taken as a collateral.

Long term loan with a fixed duration and amount for financing of pre-defined investment needs.


Payments channels and their proper management are important element of the successful development of your business. We are offering different payment channels, along with especially dedicated services for optimal cash management.

You have unlimited access to your cash balances and possibility for execution of your daily bank operations through our electronic channels- e-Cash, Bulbank Online, MultiCash.

We offer different types of POS and mPOS terminals.

Possibility of depositing cash balances in local and foreign currency for preliminary agreed maturity under favorable conditions and guaranteed profitability. We offer automatic transfers from one or more current accounts towards main current account in one and the same currency for accounts with one and the same beneficiary. 

We offer different types of accounts that can be opened in every branch of the bank.


EU Financing

In case you are planning to grow through different types of investments, they can be eligible for European Union financing. Having UniCredit Bulbank as a partner would provide you with team of experts specially dedicated to projects financed by EU, both for grant schemes and direct payments. On the one hand we can preliminary consult you for the financing possibilities of your project, while on the other we can provide you with a preliminary (indicative) evaluation of your project proposal.

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International Business

When you are planning to expand your business beyond the borders of the local market, the presence of a strong commercial banking partner is a key advantage.

The International Center of UniCredit Bulbank is providing you with support in identifying new development possibilities to international and multinational companies interested in the local market, or Bulgarian companies that plan to expand their business in other countries.  

For better risk management when exporting or importing Unicredit Bulbank offers range of services for export/import related risks:


Market Risk

The most common market risks are the currency and the interest risks. In both cases they can seriously affect your cash flows and your company's performance as a whole. The currency risk can reduce to value of your receivables in BGN or other currency or to increase your account payables yet again in BGN or other currency. Exposed to such risks are companies actively involved in export or import activities. We are providing services for interest and currency hedging.

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Solutions for Agricultural Producers

Specially for the needs of  agricultural companies UniCredit Bulbank developed a package offer that is suitable for every company actively involved in the sector. We have a range of products dsigned to help you implement your business idea, meet your production and market requirements, and to exploit the future opportunities created by your current efforts.