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EBRD Risk Sharing Framework

The Risk Sharing Framework is a guarantee scheme signed between UniCredit Bulbank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The agreement ensure EUR 75 million guaranteed limit, available until 2024.

EBRD Risk Sharing Framework


  • Small and medium and large companies are eligible for financing
  • The scheme allows inclusion of newly originated transactions and existing exposures, that need additional collaterisation.
  • Suitable for financing of companies with wide range of activities in the economic sectors.
  • Aims to provide support for the implementation of large investment projects, as well as financing of working capital.


Guarantee amount on transaction


50% of the loan amount.



Аfter reviewing and approval on the specific transaction by both UniCredit Bulbank and EBRD, UniCredit Bulbank will include within the guaranteed portfolio:

  • investment loans
  • working capital loans with an agreed repayment plan
  • revolving loans
  • overdrafts
  • conditional loans for issuing bank guarantees and letters of credit
  • refinancing of existing loans is allowed

Who is it suitable for?

The risk-sharing guarantee scheme is aimed at supporting and developing small, medium and large enterprises. Under this scheme, loans with a minimum amount of EUR 6 million can be included in the guaranteed portfolio.

How to Apply?

The application and approval of the loans is carried out in accordance with the UCB internal credit policy for the respective clients segment after prior received approval for eligibility by EBRD.

Please contact your Private banker for more information and for an individual offer. In addition, you could address us filling in the Request a Call from Our Expert form, with details regarding your desired Risk Sharing Framework financing.

UniCredit Bulbank has a specialized department dealing with free of charge consultancy to companies in regards of EU funding programs and schemes, including EBRD Risk Sharing Framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, existing exposures and debt refinancing are also eligible under the scheme, after positive eligibility assessment check conducted by the competent EBRD and UniCredit Bulbank experts.

  • Activities that are inconsistent with national law, including the Environmental Protection Act.
  • Other activities prohibited by law.
  • Activities involving fraud, illegal activities and other similar practices screened under internal rules and procedures of the Bank.

No, only companies with registration and activities in the country are eligible.

No, companies whose ultimate controlling owners are registered in an offshore zone are not eligible for the guarantee scheme.

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