Apple Pay Coming to Unicredit Bulbank`s customers offering an Easy, Secure & Private Way to Pay

Today 10th of December Unicredit Bulbank brings to its customers Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay which is fast and convenient.

Coming soon, pay with a single touch - quick, easy and secure with UniCredit Bulbank and Apple Pay

Coming soon, pay with a single touch - quick, easy and secure with UniCredit Bulbank and Apple Pay. The service will be available to individual clients owners of a debit or credit Mastercard.

UniCredit Bulbank has been offering a digital overdraft, developed with Evrotrust

A digital overdraft* is the first credit product that has been offered by the bank via Bulbank Mobile for more than a month.

UCB analysis: Investments of Bulgarians grow by one-fourth year-on-year

In the last 10 years, the volume of the investments of households in Bulgaria reached 250% growth.

Bulbank Online with a brand-new design in September

UniCredit Bulbank is delighted to launch a brand new Bulbank Online website for its more than 45 thousand digital users. The new look of the website is redesigned on the basis of customer feedback and follows the latest customer experience trends.

Bulbank Online with a new dynamic password for access

UniCredit Bulbank AD have introduced a dynamic password for access to Bulbank Online. This change will take effect at the end of July 2019 and comes as a result of the new requirements of PSD2.

More bank customers prefer the self-service zones

The number of customers of UniCredit Bulbank who prefer performing their routine bank transactions on their own in the self-service zones of the bank is growing.

Robotization at UniCredit Consumer Financing improves customer experience

Since mid-2018 several software robots have serviced customers of the consumer financing company, UniCredit Consumer Financing (UCFin). 

Five thousand customers will be offered complete remote servicing

Approximately five thousand customers of UniCredit Bulbank will be offered complete remote servicing - through the so called alternative channels of the bank: Call center, Bulbank Online, Bulbank Mobile, etc.

E-commerce in Bulgaria has grown by nearly 30% for a year

Most often people buy clothing, shoes and accessories, sports items and electrical goods

Every year the e-commerce in Bulgaria grows by up to 20-30% according to official data from the end of 2018.