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UniCredit Bulbank accepts UnionPay cards at its ATMs

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that as of 27.01.2023 ATMs of UniCredit Bulbank AD will be able to accept UnionPay branded cards. In this way, UniCredit Bulbank expands its portfolio of accepted brands in its network.

Coming soon! Contactless payments with UniCredit Bulbank and Google Pay

Coming soon - contactless payments! Fast, simple and secure with UniCredit Bulbank and Google Pay. The service will be available to individuals and legal entities, customers of the bank with VISA debit and credit cards.

Instant money transfers for customers of UniCredit Bulbank

The new service offers ordering and receiving money transfers in seconds.

With UniCredit Leasing you can now sign your leases remotely with Evrotrust

UniCredit Leasing, together with the authentication services company Evrotrust Technologies*, now provides its clients with the opportunity to sign lease contracts digitally! 

50% growth in POS and cash loans during Black Friday 2022

According to the statistics of the consumer lending company UniCredit Consumer Financing, there was 50% growth in POS and cash loans in this year’s sales period.

UCB & Visa: With over 40% increase in cashless payments at POS terminals for the first half of 2022

More and more often we pay with a card for purchases of minimal value, such as morning coffee and a pack of chewing gum, according to data from UniCredit Bulbank and Visa Bulgaria.

UCB's corporate clients can now compare their financial performance with that of their competitors

Thanks to new a functionality in Bulbank Online companies can get a comparative analysis including the top five companies in their industry.

Currently, the service is provided free of charge to all legal entities, clients of the bank, through the Digital Products menu in Bulbank Online.

UniCredit Bulbank reports a serious growth of digital signing

Since the beginning of 2022, UniCredit Bulbank reports a significant increase in the number of people willing to sign documents for credit and non-credit products and services electronically in the small business sector. 

UniCredit Bulbank removes the monthly account balance fee for keeping cash funds on accounts

As of 1st August 2022, the clients of UniCredit Bulbank - individuals and legal entities, will not pay a monthly account balance fee for keeping cash funds on their accounts.

UniCredit Bulbank Offers Mortgage Loan with Fixed Interest Rate for Five Years

The bank’s offer is active until 15 August 2022 and includes 2.99% fixed interest rate for the first 5 years and 2.59% floating interest rate for the remaining period.