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Call for Education - Bulgaria and Romania

UniCredit Foundation provides 500,000 euros in support of projects opposing educational poverty in Bulgaria and Romania, for the benefit of first and second high school students (age group 11-19 years), implemented by non-profit organizations. This amount will be allocated to a maximum of 4 projects.

Call for Education - Bulgaria and Romania

Initiative aimed at contrasting educational poverty


Accordingly, UniCredit Foundation launches the initiative "Call for Education – Bulgaria & Romania” to fund educational projects in these two countries.

The call intends to identify and support projects contrasting educational poverty in Bulgaria and Romania in favour of lower and upper secondary school students (11-19 age group), carried out by non-profit organizations with particular focus on:

  • Tackling early school leaving.
  • Acquisition of skills appropriate to the attainment of university studies.
  • Acquisition of adequate skills to enter the job market.

The call will welcome innovative projects both in the areas of intervention and in the operational methodology.

The total funding allocated by UniCredit Foundation for this initiative amounts to € 500,000. This amount will be assigned to maximum 4 projects. The amount will not necessarily be divided equally between the two countries, but it will be allocated on the basis of the contents and specificities of the selected projects.



All projects must meet the following requirements:


  • Be consistent with the objectives of the call, in terms of contrasting educational poverty.
  • Have a relevant geographical scope.
  • Highlight any elements of innovation and/or experimentation with respect to the themes of the call.
  • Provide for a total duration of 18-36 months.


Organizations can propose more than one project.

UniCredit Foundation will not consider projects aimed at: purchase or construction of real estate infrastructures; the ordinary management of the activity; study, research, training and granting of scholarships or the realization of events, conferences, or exhibitions.

This initiative is intended only for Bulgaria and Romania.

Rules of participation

Until 31.03.2023, foundations and other representatives of the non-governmental sector must send their applications, filled in the participation form and additional materials (including a detailed budget) to dbmmgpsfevdbujpoAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch

After that date, an expert jury from Bulgaria, formed by representatives of the non-governmental and corporate sector, will meet and determine four projects that will continue in the competition. The selected projects that will continue in the second stage will have to provide all documents, including the description, in English within two days.

They will be sent to the UniCredit Foundation for review and evaluation. A total of four projects will be selected from them for financing from Bulgaria and Romania.

The UniCredit Foundation will announce its decision and begin the process of signing the contracts. UniCredit Bulbank or UniCredit Foundation reserves the right to request additional documents or clarifications at any time.

Note: All emailed documents must not exceed 3 MB. If the documents are larger, wetransfer should be used.

Mandatory information in the application

  • A short presentation of the organisation
  • The reasons why the project is worthy of support
  • A clear description of the objectives the project intends to achieve
  • A detailed description of the budget
  • Description of the impact of the project, focusing on main goals, duration, geographical area, activities, beneficiaries (number and description), methods for monitoring the results.

Additional documents

  • Copy of the statute (alternatively the link)
  • Copy of the 2021 financial statements (alternatively the link)
  • Anti-Corruption declaration signed by the legal representative

If necessary, representatives of the UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bulbank reserve the right to request additional information from the applicant organizations.


Chairman: Tsvetanka Mincheva, CEO, UniCredit Bulbank


  • Teodora Bakardzhieva, Executive Director, Bulgarian Donor Forum
  • Maria Brestnichka, Director of Network Development, National Network for Children
  • Adelina Peeva, Corporate Giving and Events Manager, UniCredit Bulbank
  • Alexandra Mircheva, Entrepreneurship Coordinator for NGOs, Bulgarian Center for Non-profit Law
  • Ekaterina Ancheva, Director of Public Relations and Communications, UniCredit Bulbank

Evaluation criteria

The best projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The project's ability to address community priorities and socially sensitive topics

  • The ability of the project to achieve maximum positive impact

  • The possibility of the project having a positive impact in the medium and long term

Note: If a reputational or other type of risk is identified, UniCredit Bulbank reserves the right to reject a certain project.

You can get more information from the Call for Education team in Bulgaria: dbmmgpsfevdbujpoAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch