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Internship Program

Our team highly appreciates support provided at the start of your career. We therefore invite you to join the Internship Program of UniCredit Bulbank. The program gives chance to talented young specialists to launch a career of their own.

Internship Program

What does the Internship Program offer?

  • Three-month internship in March – December
  • Monthly renumeration
  • Mentoring by trusted professionals
  • Wide range of professional areas
  • Internship Completion Certificate
  • Internship Completion job opportunities 

The Program holds out opportunity for an internship at UniCredit Bulbank and the subsidiary companies of UniCredit Leasing, UniCredit Factoring and UniCredit Consumer Financing in Bulgaria.


Divisions to choose from

  • Retail banking
  • Business communications – marketing and advertising
  • Public relations and communications
  • Information technology
  • Cards and card operations
  • Currency and local payments
  • Services and client satisfaction
  • Banking security
  • Risk management
  • Financial markets and investment intermediary
  • Human resources
  • Private banking

Why at UniCredit?

UniCredit is a Pan-European winner. We are a “bank of substance”, focused on delivering tangible solutions in an efficient and simple way, in order to make a real difference in people’s lives, whether they are an individual, a family, a business or a corporation.

UniCredit working desk

How to apply?


Iclude your preferences towards division and time period for conducting the internship.

The deadline for submitting your Internship Application with all relevant documents is minimum one month prior to commencement of the internship.