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It is not only banks but economies as a whole, which benefit from men, knowledgeable in finance, who are able to make informed decisions. UniCredit Bulbank considers it highly important to enlist its support to development of such culture, especially among the new generation.

Investment in education is therefore considered high priority along with patronizing young people.

The Bank high-profile specialists often share their experience with students and undergraduates.

Also, UniCredit Bulbank gives chance to over 400 undergraduates every year to start internship at the bank.


Investing in education is a top priority for the bank. Bulgaria and Romania were the first two countries to be supported by the UniCredit Foundation with half a million euros for education projects. With this initiative, UniCredit Foundation involved local banks in supporting important projects aimed at overcoming educational inequalities. In Bulgaria, the projects "Better in Mathematics with Kahn Academy in Junior High School" of the association "Education without Backpacks" and "Uni Youth - Promoting Opportunities for Excellence in Education for Students of Roma Origin" of the youth foundation "Arete"-Bulgaria were funded.

UniCredit has also launched a global partnership between UniCredit Foundation and Junior Achievement Europe, which have joined forces to combat early school leaving among young people. The "Recharge Your Future" project takes place in 10 European countries, including Bulgaria, and aims to rekindle students' interest in education, improve their performance, prevent drop-out and inspire them to find the career they want.

One of our’s initiatives is the partnership between UniCredit Bulbank and, which aims to increase financial literacy among students. As part of this partnership, UniCredit Bulbank and are preparing a series of educational videos that will be completely free and accessible to students across the country. The guiding ambition of this initiative is to support the development of young people in Bulgaria by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to follow good financial practices. In this way, young people will be able to manage their money more confidently and securely and develop successful financial habits.


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