UniCredit Bulbank is taking part in the Caps for Future initiative

The bank will donate the cash equivalent of 100 caps for each payment by a digital VISA card. The ultimate goal is to collect 20 million caps for the purchase of a children’s ambulance.

UniCredit Foundation donates 30 000 euros for 4 projects in support of childhood

A total of four Bulgarian projects will receive financial support from the UniCredit Foundation totaling 30 000 euros.

UniCredit Bulbank donate 6,300 BGN to support children with chronic diseases

UniCredit Bulbank have donated another 6,300 BGN to “Bulgarian Christmas”.

The customers of UniCredit Bulbank help Bulgarian children with chronic diseases

The bank will donate 10 stotinki in support of Bulgarian children with chronic diseases for each purchase which the customers of UniCredit Bulbank pay directly with their phone through their digital wallet from 18th December until the end of the year.

Curious Charity

UCF donated over 16,000 leva to SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria

UniCredit Consumer Financing (UCF) donated over 16,000 leva to the children and adolescents, part of the programmes of SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria.

UniCredit Foundation: more than one million euro to support study and research

7 calls for 24 scholarships and fellowships for young European talents. 100 internships in the Group in cooperation with UniCredit.

UniCredit supports 44 non-profit projects with 500 000 EUR

In December 2019, UniCredit Foundation launched the “Call for Europe 2019 – Supporting Childhood” initiative with the aim to identify and support social projects helping children in the different European countries where UniCredit is present outside of Italy.

More than 90 thousand BGN have been raised during the internal donation campaign against COVID-19

The funds raised by UniCredit employees in Bulgaria and UniCredit Foundation were equally distributed among 10 civil organizations.

New Charity

The donation of UniCredit Bulbank for the battle against COVID-19 reaches 225 000 BGN

In the light of the national state of emergency generated by COVID-19 pandemic, UniCredit Bulbank donates another 100 000 BGN to the Ministry of Health. The amount will be used to support the laboratories and for purchase of COVID – 19 tests.

UniCredit Bulbank donates 100 000 BGN for the biggest Bulgarian emergency hospital Pirogov

The donation will cover the extraordinary medical needs due to COVID-19 pandemic