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UniCredit Bulbank is taking part in the Caps for Future initiative


UniCredit Bulbank is taking part in the Caps for Future initiative

The bank will donate the cash equivalent of 100 caps for every payment by a digital Visa card via the mobile banking application, in order to have 20,000,000 caps collected by 31 July 2021. The entire donated amount will be transferred for the Caps for Future campaign for purchasing a children's ambulance.

“It is easy to do good,” say the employees of UniCredit Bulbank, who initiated the participation of the financial institution in this campaign.

The only thing each customer has to do in order to support the purchase of a children’s ambulance is to pay in a fast and simple way using his or her phone and digital Visa card.

On a special website the bank will count the digital Visa card payments. In this way, every customer will know how many payments are necessary to reach the ultimate goal and will be able to support the campaign.

The Caps for Future initiative is an excellent example with both environmental and social effects. The financial institution employees, who get inspired by good causes and search for ways to support them, have recognized the initiative and suggested that they support it.

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