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Society & Environment

UniCredit initiates multiple beneficial activities and projects to community and environment and fosters social responsibility as employees’ mindset and approach through its volunteer and endowment programs.

Society & Environment

National Volunteers Program

When You click on the heading, You will see a text, reading as follows: The National Volunteers Program comes naturally in the course of numerous hours of volunteer labour expended on during the past years. It is inspired by them and keeps on running thanks to their positivism and insatiable desire to be helpful to the needy.

The Bank’s volunteers are attached to other organizations on various managerial level and expertise. It is not a centralized or budget-based program but involves gratuitous labour. It is the volunteers’ obligation to maintain the Bank’s reputation by being engaged on causes of worth to share initiatives with colleagues and to make the rest get their inspiration from their motivation. They bestow labour, time and sunny attitude on them and their families.

UniCredit’s Endowment Program

When You click on the heading, You will see a text, reading as follows:

UniCredit’s Endowment Program is a program launched by UniCredit Foundation to foster charitable activity of the Group of states’ employees and to contribute to UniCredit’s corporate culture. It unites in solidarity with over 15 thousand colleagues. Endowment Program allows all Group employees to advance a project in support of a given clause and to go in search of like-minded people in the persons of their colleagues who make donations to certain projects. On the other hand, UniCredit Foundation has doubled donations made by colleagues to non-government organizations.