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For a second year, 800 employees and their families volunteered to participate in various causes


For a second year, 800 employees and their families volunteered to participate in various causes
  • The Bank's Green Day initiative was held for a second consecutive year and included 11 locations in different cities and towns in the country
  • The Green Day is organized with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation

For a second consecutive year, 800 UniCredit employees in Bulgaria and their families volunteered across the country on Green Day 2023, which took place within the framework of the Bank's National Volunteer Program. The large-scale initiative was held in 11 different locations, such as Sofia Zoo, Vitosha Nature Park and 9 other locations around the country. The Green Day was held with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation, UniCredit partners for Bulgaria.

On Saturday, 13th May, bank employees, together with their friends and families, repaired and improved tourist infrastructure, planted new plants, cleaned and painted facilities. “I am happy that for another year our colleagues have participated in volunteer work not only to refine together the environment in which we live but also to show once again with a personal example that sustainable change is a matter of choice and action”, commented Tzvetanka Mintcheva, CEO of UniCredit Bulbank and a volunteer in the initiative.

"The preserved nature is an essential part of the well-being of people. During Green Day 2023 more than 800 UniCredit employees in Bulgaria understood that its preservation depends on each of us and that volunteering can be a very pleasant and satisfying action”, said Rumyana Ivanova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.

UniCredit’s Green Day is part of the Bank’s overall commitment to the topic of sustainable development (ESG). At an official ceremony, held on 15th May, the Bank was awarded third place in the Green Event Category for the Green Day Initiative, first place in the Green Office Category and second place in the Green Initiatives Leader Category in the b2b Media ranking of the greenest companies in 2022.


Description of the activities in the country:

Sofia 1 (Zoo)

  • Cleaning and painting of the leisure areas in the zoo

Sofia 2 (Vitosha Nature Park)

  • Restoration of the tourist infrastructure in Vitosha Nature Park (above Dragalevski Monastery)


  • Cleaning of Lauta Park, Plovdiv
  • Improvement of the tourist route around the Educational Eco Base above Asenovgrad


  • Preparation of Atanasovsko Lake for the summer season: repairs along the Saber Beak Trail and installation of large signs


  • Creation of a new tourist route from Lesoparka to Minzuhar hut - cleaning, paving a path, building benches


  • Cleaning and planting evergreen plants in Kaylaka Park

Stara Zagora

  • Cleaning of Ayazmoto Park


  • Marking of three tourist routes in Golden Sands Nature Park


  • Improvement of an abandoned children's playground and the areas between buildings in Alen Mak neighborhood and along St. St. Kiril i Metodiy bulevard


Additional media information:

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