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UniCredit Foundation donates 30 000 euros for 4 projects in support of childhood


UniCredit Foundation donates 30 000 euros for 4 projects in support of childhood

A total of four Bulgarian projects will receive financial support from the UniCredit Foundation totaling 30 000 euros. They were selected from more than 70 applications that joined the initiative of UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit Bulbank "In support of childhood" (Call for Europe 2020).

„Call for Europe” is an initiative aimed at identifying and supporting social projects helping children in the different European countries where UniCredit operates outside of Italy. Thus, in total, 48 projects will be supported by the Foundation with an investment of 360,000 euros across 12 European countries where UniCredit has subsidiaries: Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

All applications in Bulgaria were evaluated by a local jury consisted of: Krasimira Velichkova – Director of Donation Forum Bulgaria, Anna Adamova – Program Director of Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law, Maria Brestnichka – Network Coordinator at National Network for Children, Dilyana Stoyanova - Senior Manager "Sponsorships and Events" at UniCredit Bulbank, and Ekaterina Ancheva, Senior Manager "Communications and Corporate Culture" at UniCredit Bulbank. Chairman of the jury was Teodora Petkova, CEO of UniCredit Bulbank. The four projects that received funding were finally confirmed also by UniCredit Foundation.

  • "As in the fairy tales", “Gender Alternatives” Foundation - 10 thousand euros. The project will conduct thematic workshops with children who are victims of violence. Through them children who have experienced violence will receive the opportunity to develop their talents and abilities, to go through the trauma of the experienced violence more easily and to strengthen their social integration.


  • "I can do it myself", Association "Child and Space" - 10 thousand euros. The project is aimed at children with physical disabilities who can’t speak and use their hands. It provides the implementation of a modern high-tech method for complementary and alternative communication. Trough eye movements and directing the gaze can be used specialized software for communication, synthesized speech, learning and development of cognitive skills.


  • "With climbing skills to new achievements", “Concordia Bulgaria” Foundation - 5 thousand euros. The project will create a therapeutic program for 60 disadvantaged children. The main goal is trough building a climbing wall to contribute to dealing with the interrelated problems of mental, psychological and motor system nature.


  • "It’s fun, it's easy", Sea Club "Friends of the Sea" - 5 thousand euros. The project is aimed at 30 children with various health problems aged 10 to 15. Its main goal is to use the resources of the sea (sun, hot sand and sea water) to conduct a rehabilitation program to improve their health and mental condition. The method that will be used is known as Deep therapy (underwater therapy) and includes exercises and underwater swimming in a diving way.

"I get excited every time when is about projects that involve working with children. Through the Call for Europe program I get to know different worlds and I am glad that we have the opportunity to help children with different needs. It is always difficult to choose between many quality projects, so we continue to look for partnerships and ways to be useful to brave organizations that solve specific problems”, shared Teodora Petkova, Chairman of the Jury and CEO of UniCredit Bulbank.

UniCredit Foundation stays committed to supporting the communities in all the markets in which UniCredit is present. Last year, in response to the coronavirus emergency, the Foundation made significant donations in the various markets of the Group to support hospitals as well as different non-profit organisations on the front lines in the fight against the virus. This included contributing a total of over 1.2 million euros alongside funds raised from UniCredit employees to support three of the Italian hospitals most involved in the battle against COVID-19, 1.2 million euros donated for coronavirus emergency initiatives in Italy and 190 000 euros donated in support of fundraising initiatives in other Group countries in Europe.

About UniCredit Foundation

UniCredit Foundation is extremely involved in projects in Bulgaria, providing support to various social causes in the country for almost 20 years. The Foundation has supported a large number of significant initiatives, including the construction of home care centers (together with the Bulgarian Red Cross) and the social entrepreneurship program (of the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law). Every year, the UniCredit Foundation organizes a donation program for employees, in which the foundation doubles the donations of employees for various causes. Every year, the UniCredit Foundation organizes a donation program for employees, in which the foundation doubles the donations of employees for various causes.

About Call for Europe:

Call for Europe is a charity initiative in which the UniCredit Foundation supports social projects related to working with children in the various European countries outside Italy in which UniCredit operates.

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