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Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of UniCredit Bulbank AD - 11.04.2024

At the regular Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of UniCredit Bulbank AD, held on 11.04.2024, it was adopted a resolution to distribute 65% of the profit for 2023, after taxation, to the shareholders of the bank as dividends for 2023 according to the number of shares they own.

Important! Security, Announcement

Increased phishing attacks – not delivered purchase

Messages could be sent to you via various channels (e-mail, SMS, chat platforms, etc.).

Message for customers of UniCredit Bulbank

Dear clients, 
We would like to inform you that there are some difficulties and delays in the execution of RINGS payments. 

Important! Security, Announcement

Important fraud prevention information

Dear Customers,

We would like to inform you that during the upcoming holidays, criminals become particularly active and fraud cases increase.

Important! Security, Announcement

Tips for protecting yourself from scammers

Be very alert and cautious and do not share any bank or personal information to unknown to you people.

Important! Security, Announcement

Advice against bank card frauds

Using debit and credit cards is a part of our everyday life and it is becoming more and more popular for online payments. 

Important! Announcement

Temporary difficulties with emails receiving for Gmail subscribers

We are experiencing temporary difficulties and delivery failure of email messages from the bank to Gmail subscribers.

Increased phishing attacks: Check out how to protect yourself from fraudsters

We would like to inform you that there is an increased risk of phishing attacks related to messages requesting entering of banking and personal information under the pretext of not delivered purchase/order.

How can you protect yourself from fraudsters?

We would like to inform you of an increase in the number of calls received by our customers from persons claiming to be bank employees.

News regarding statements for UniCredit Bulbank customers

In order to provide additional protection, changes in the provision of statements to UniCredit Bulbank customers come into force.