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On the occasion of 1st June: UCB with a special offer for Children's Investment Product


On the occasion of 1st June: UCB with a special offer for Children's Investment Product
  • UniCredit Bulbank reports increased interest in monthly installment savings

With the celebration of 1st June, UniCredit Bulbank launched the offering of a investment product for the benefit of a child - a Children's Investment Plan. Through it, the bank's customers can set aside a certain amount every month for the future of their children - education, support, future purchase of a home, etc.

The investment plan can be opened to any child by the child's legal representative - a parent or guardian. The deposited funds are automatically invested in instruments on the financial markets on a date pre-specified by the customer to achieve profitability at minimal risk. The child can have the accumulated amount at any time after reaching the age of majority and use it for the desired purpose.

Only now, on the occasion of the International Children's Day, for each child up to 14 years of age, for whose benefit a Children's Investment Plan is opened within June, UniCredit Bulbank will refund one monthly installment under the plan in the amount of up to BGN 60.

"The Children's Investment Plan is a product that addresses our natural need to secure our children's future. In this sense, it is analogous to the children's savings deposits popular in the past in our country, while at the same time it benefits from modern ways of investing. Along with long-term investments, the product is also suitable for the development of the financial culture and habits of adolescents," commented Julian Vlahov, Director of Products and Services at UniCredit Bulbank.

According to data from UniCredit Bulbank, the interest and knowledge of customers in the field of finance and investment solutions is growing. The latest data shows that 8 out of 10 customers start investing regularly with monthly installments in savings plans. Data on consumer behavior was presented at a joint conference of UniCredit Bulbank and Amundi Asset Management in April 2023.

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