March 2021 - the deadline for submitting applications for deferral of liabilities

March 2021 - the deadline for submitting applications for deferral of liabilities

As a part of the solution to overcome the COVID-19 crisis:

UniCredit Bulbank extends until the end of March 2021 the deadline for submitting applications by citizens and companies for deferral of liabilities

  • The top leading bank provides its clients affected by the crisis the opportunity to apply entirely remotely – via its website and the Call Center

UniCredit Bulbank extends until 31 March 2021 the term in which clients of the bank that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis can apply for deferral of the installments on their loans (applications can be submitted by 23 March 2021). As before, the process is organized entirely remotely with no need to visit a bank branch.  Clients only have to fill in the online form on the website of UniCredit Bulbank - Individual customers or Legal entities and a bank employee will contact them. The Call Center of the bank at 02 9337 257 is also available to use.

Thus, the top leading bank continues to support its clients by offering them concrete actions and a mechanism to ease the servicing of their credit liabilities:

  • A grace period for the installments for principal and interests for a period up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12. 2021;
  • A grace period only for the principal for a period up to 9 months, but not later than 31.12. 2021;
  • A rescheduling mechanism applicable to revolving products. 

Clients who do not meet fully the eligibility criteria or need a solution other than those proposed in the mechanisms can also seek assistance by contacting the bank.

It is important to note that clients that have already made use of the rescheduling before 30.09.2020 can have an additional deferral. However, the total period of such deferral cannot exceed 9 months.

The only requirement is that the liability needs to have been regularly repaid or not more than 90 days past due as at 01.03.2020 and the date of applying for deferral, and the loan agreement to have been signed before 31.03.2020. 

“As a bank we try to be a part of the solution in the unprecedented times in which we are living. The support to our clients has always been of primary importance and the whole team of the bank will continue working to provide effective assistance, as usual. I would like to highlight particularly that applying for a deferral does not require any visit to a bank branch at all and can be made entirely by using the digital channels of the bank”, commented Teodora Petkova, Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

More information can be found in the designated section on the bank’s website.

The possibility for deferral of credit liabilities until the end of March 2021 is a part of BNB’s approved procedure for extension of the moratorium on payments (“Procedure for Deferral and Settlement of Due Debts to Banks and Their Subsidiaries”).


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