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With UniCredit Leasing you can now sign your leases remotely with Evrotrust


With UniCredit Leasing you can now sign your leases remotely with Evrotrust

UniCredit Leasing, together with the authentication services company Evrotrust Technologies*, now provides its clients with the opportunity to sign lease contracts digitally. Using the Evrotrust mobile application, the clients of UniCredit Leasing can now e-sign, confirm and send documents from anywhere and at any time, without the need to visit a physical location of the company. It is sufficient that the client has made a decision to purchase an asset and has received an offer from UniCredit Leasing. After signing electronically, the clients receives information about the status of their document from the servicing employee. Thanks to this functionality, UniCredit Leasing clients gain valuable time and reduce paper usage.

E-signing is an innovative functionality through which documents are digitally signed and validated. Evrotrust's e-signature is fully legal and equivalent to a handwritten signature on paper. Signing the electronic contract thus identifies the signatory and protects the information contained in the document from subsequent changes.

This process is completely online. All that is required is a simple registration to create an Evrotrust account using a photo ID and a selfie, and this is also completely free for clients. The Evrotrust mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store on any smart device - iOS and Android phone or tablet.

"We are delighted to now offer our clients the ability to electronically sign their lease contracts only with one button, anytime, anywhere. Our partnership with Evrotrust enables us to continuously upgrade and develop the capabilities of our remote channels. By providing this solution we have created additional comfort and security for our customers, at no additional cost." said Ivan Apostolov, CEO of UniCredit Leasing.

All clients of UniCredit Leasing who want to get more information about the new opportunity can visit the website page of E-signing documents with Evrotrust.

*Evrotrust Technologies is a registered provider of qualified authentication services, operating under the requirements of the European Regulation on electronic identification and authentication services for electronic transactions in the internal market. The company is certified by a French independent verification body (LSTI) and is listed in the European Commission's register of qualified certification-service-providers.