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UniCredit Bulbank offers a completely remote service model for corporate clients


UniCredit Bulbank offers a completely remote service model for corporate clients
  • The remote model is a comprehensive solution for servicing companies and aims to achieve maximum digitalization and convenience for the business

UniCredit Bulbank offers a fully remote service model for corporate clients through which they can rely on a remote relationship manager and benefit from fully remote banking services. Currently, more than 1,500 companies* from all over the country are served entirely remotely, whereas the bank's main criterion is the amount of their annual net sales revenue. By enabling corporate clients to sign their documents electronically using a certified Qualified Electronic Signature**, the Evrotrust mobile application and/or directly in the UniCredit Bulbank mobile application – Bulbank Mobile, companies can sign, confirm and send documents anywhere and at any time; as a result, hundreds of hours have been saved from visiting bank branches and physical meetings in offices.

The main advantage of the remote model is the possibility for our clients to receive quality, fast and competent service with a tailored approach from anywhere and at any time, without additional costs and without restrictions according to the sector in which they operate. At the moment, clients from all sectors are served and there is no predominant one – food industry, information technology, catering, hospitality, transport and logistics, medical centers, gas stations and many other activities permitted by law.

Every day, each remote relationship manager conducts more than 40 telephone conversations with different clients, as well as online meetings through a digital video conference platform.

The introduction of such a service solution supports business processes and opens up opportunities to improve the customer experience, which is also a strategic direction for the largest corporate bank on the Bulgarian market.

"Digital banking through Bulbank Online is a preferred and increasingly natural channel for the legal entities that are our clients. In addition, we believe that the remote service model is the next step and with it we meet the growing needs of corporate clients to use digital channels for communication, payment processing and many other operations. Thus, we save one of the most valuable resources – time, which allows our clients to focus entirely on their core business. With such a solution, we aim to constantly improve the customer experience and strengthen our position as the number one corporate bank in Bulgaria,” said Borislav Bangeev, Director of Corporate Banking at UniCredit Bulbank.

The remote service model is part of UniCredit Bulbank's strategy to develop and improve the services offered by the bank through digital solutions in line with global market trends. The ever-increasing demand from clients and the increase in the number of remote relationship managers reflects the high recognition by clients for the service provided by the bank.

*Clients are selected based on net sales revenue.

**Qualified electronic signature is issued by a trust service provider as per the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act (EDESA).

A list of trust service providers is available at link.

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