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UCB increases the amount of contactless payments without the requirement of PIN to 100 BGN


  • Nearly 90% of the contactless payments are up to this amount   

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Bulbank’s top priority. Thus, effective 1 April*, the maximum amount for contactless payment without a requirement for PIN entry on the POS terminal at merchant outlets in Bulgaria will be increased from BGN 50 to BGN 100.

The change will apply to all contactless debit and credit cards issued by UniCredit Bulbank.

The statistics of the bank shows that starting the State of emergency period on 13 March until now, nearly 90% or the payments on bank’s POS terminals are up to the amount of 100 BGN. This means that from now on 9 out of 10 payments will be executed without the need clients to enter PIN, which will further minimize the contact of the clients to any surfaces when buying.

The change of the limit will be executed automatically so there is no need customers to visit branches. UniCredit Bulbank strongly recommends all its clients to benefit the digital channels of the bank such as Bulbank Online, Bulbank Online, Call Centre and ATM and self-service zones. When visiting branches, customers are invited to keep the recommended distance of 2 meters between each other and staff.

In the light of the national state of emergency generated by COVID-19 pandemic, UniCredit Bulbank has already donated 225 000 BGN – to cover some of the extraordinary needs of Pirogov and to support the laboratories as well as for tests purchase.

The bank will continue to monitor the situation closely and act in everyone's best interest. and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders!

*Due to the need to update the software of all POS terminals of UniCredit Bulbank as well as other banks, it might be possible that at some merchant outlets the above change could be inapplicable.

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