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Changes in consumer behavior will remain valid after COVID-19 pandemic


Changes in consumer behavior will remain valid after COVID-19 pandemic
  • The development of digital channels is the adequate answer for safety and protection
  • For the first time in Bulgaria, a person can become a new client of the bank without entering a banking branch

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Bulbank’s top priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic changes consumer behavour. The survey data shows that in this period there is an increase of digital channels usage. This is valid not only for banking operations, but also for any other kind of consumption.

In accordance with the information of the digital platform for consumer banking The Financial Brand, 40% of the consumers shop more online than in the stores, 38% order food for home and 31% more use their mobile and online banking.

„The statistic clearly shows that the trends indicate a growth in digital channels usage- not only for banking operations but also for any kind of consumption – from purchasing good and services like foodstuffs, investment in education and knowledge via online platforms, to concluding agreements on moratorium measures” commented Teodora Petkova CEO and Chairman of the Management Board  on the first online banking digital press-conference organized by UniCredit Bulbank and added: ”In this crisis, that puts at risk the worldwide economy and also the life and health of people, it becomes clear that the digital banking  channels are the ones that give an answer to the changing consumer behaviors and an adequate response for the safety and protection of consumers.

Her words were confirmed by the Chief Operative Officer and Deputy-chairman of the MB Septimiu Postelnicu.
„The changes we observe in consumer behavior, will remain long after the immediate threat of the pandemic. The goal of UniCredit Bulbank is to be a digital leader, that answers quickly to changes in consumer behavior and provides easy solutions“ added Septimiu Postelnicu.

Giacomo Volpi, Head of Retail and member of the MB shared the new trends in customer behaviour of UniCredit Bulbank clients. In the period January- April UniCreidit Bulbank reported 54% growth in utility payments via Bulbank mobile. In the same period the calls to the Call centres increased by 23%. The trend covers also the requests for moratorium. The share of electronically signed annexes is 46%, explained Giacomo Volpi.

During the press-conference, Giacomo Volpi shared, for the first time in Bulgaria, how a person can become a client of the bank, without visiting a branch. The service is accessible for Bulgarian citizens above 18 years of age.

The only thing that the prospect customers should do, in order to become UniCredit Bulbank clients, is to download the mobile application Bulbank Mobile and follow the steps for opening a new account, including a process of digital identification via selfie.

Iulian Vlahov, Head of Alternative channels in UniCredit Bulbank presented the entire procedure on new client onboarding and explained that it took on average of 15 minutes, with a fee for the service of BGN 1,60 per month.

„By virtue of the new modern technologies, only within a few minutes a person can open a new bank account with a debit card and mobile banking. The debit card is without fees for withdrawal on all ATMs of the bank, and the mobile banking gives access to a wide range of banking services entirely via phone. Everyone who needs an account for payroll, scholarship, maintenance or other, can receive access to full range of banking services via his phone”, added Vlahov.

The participants in the press-conference converged around the idea that despite the digitalization is ever more integral part of the banking, the branches will continue to play an important role for customers, mostly providing consulting services.

The bank will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone's best interests and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders!



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