Bulbank Online with a new dynamic password for access

Bulbank Online with a new dynamic password for access

UniCredit Bulbank AD have introduced a dynamic password for access to Bulbank Online. This change will take effect at the end of July 2019 and comes as a result of the new requirements of PSD2.

PSD2 is the EU Payment Services Directive setting out the rules on the market for banks as well as the other participants - fintech and large technological companies. The Directive aims to establish clear and transparent rules for all, while guaranteeing the protection of customers. PSD2 makes it possible for regulators, banks, fintech companies and telecoms to cooperate in the process of developing new products.

With Bulbank Online customers are able to use their funds any time they like, easily make domestic and foreign transfers, repay debts on loans and credit cards, pay utility bills and request products and services online.

Corporate clients of Bulbank Online can manage their business transactions with the help of online banking for legal entities. They can monitor their company accounts, payments and loans only in a few clicks of the mouse and pay salaries in a fast, simple and secure way.

For dynamic access to Bulbank Online, customers can choose between two options:  SMS or a one-time password generated by М-token, part of Bulbank Mobile.  Both options are free of charge.

In order to be able to use the complete functionalities of Bulbank Online, customers should have a valid telephone number in the online banking system.

For additional information and assistance, customers can contact the Technical Support Center of UniCredit Bulbank at 02 9337333 or their personal banker.

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