We can now pay by card even for home deliveries

We can now pay by card even for home deliveries

UniCredit Bulbank and VISA offer the world's first combined mobile POS terminal – mPOS (on the left of the picture) that operates with smart devices, as well as with cash registers. This provides customers with the opportunity to pay by card not only at merchant outlets but also when receiving goods by a courier or when paying in a taxi, for example.

Many merchants experience difficulties when connecting a POS terminal with a cash register, as well as when offering card payments at the address of their customers, when delivering or on the move. This obliges the end consumers to withdraw money and prepare cash in advance. The reason for this is the connection between POS and cash registers and the additional applications necessary for the communication between the devices.

UniCredit Bulbank and VISA offer a solution without additional costs or consumables, suitable for merchant outlets and deliveries - mPOS.

If a merchant offers a product or a service in a merchant outlet, mPOS can be connected directly to a Datecs cash register without any further developments and costs for additional consumables. In this case mPOS will accept payment with card and the amount will be entered only once - to the cash device. If the trader has such a terminal, no matter whether you pay by card or in cash, you will receive only one receipt with information on the cash register payment as well as on the card one.

Since any smart device - a phone, a tablet or a PDA can be connected to mPOS, the merchants that offer products or services at the customer's address will be able to accept payments by cards. This service can be used by distributors, couriers, restaurants, shops, on-line shops with delivery, bars and halls with entry fee, taxi services and any other business with payment at the customer's address.

For traders who want to connect mPOS to a smart device, UniCredit Bulbank and Visa provide a free application mPOS which can be downloaded from an Internet shop. It can also be integrated to another application via which the trader performs their business.

Apart from being user-friendly (payments are performed in three steps: entering the amount, confirming and paying), mPOS is also impressive because of its small size and weight of only 123 grams.

This is the world's first mPOS terminal with such a combined functionality that ensures wider opportunities for payment by card instead of in cash.

Any merchant, willing to take advantage of the opportunities provided by mPOS, can address the bank. More information on the campaign of UniCredit Bulbank and Visa is available at UniCredit Bulbank's webpage.

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