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UCB's corporate clients can now compare their financial performance with that of their competitors


UCB's corporate clients can now compare their financial performance with that of their competitors

A new functionality for corporate clients of e-banking – Bulbank Online enables them to monitor their financial indicators and compare their performance against five competitor companies in the market. The service is now available in the Digital Products menu for all clients, legal entities, of the bank.


In the two subsections – Company-level Analysis and Industry-level Analysis, clients have the opportunity to monitor the movement of financial indicators, presented in a convenient and intuitive graphic form, against the top five competitor companies in the sector as well as participants in different sectors, based on their chosen criteria. Through this service, companies can receive specific information and summaries from annual financial statements, as well as easily and quickly assess their business and that of their chosen market participants.

Raluca Popescu, Head of Corporate Banking Division, said:

We believe that for the successful development of companies it is essential to have a detailed analysis of the individual aspects of their financial situation, as well as to have access to up-to-date information about competitors and potential and current counterparties. Thanks to the new functionality and ease of use, our clients can now analyse in detail their position in the market and thus plan to grow their business. Through our financial analysis solution, legal entities, UniCredit Bulbank’s clients, quickly identify growth trends because it is one of the most important criteria for the long-term success of a business. We are always looking in the direction of “upgrade” of the digital solutions we provide to the business, and in the coming months the scope of the service will be expanded, and this will give additional convenience to our clients.

Users (corporate clients) of Bulbank Online can try out the new functionality  here.

There are still going to be significant developments in Bulbank Online aimed at supporting the business with analytical information and providing added value for the market participants, clients of UniCredit Bulbank.

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