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UniCredit Bulbank will offer customers debit cards made of eco-materials


UniCredit Bulbank will offer customers debit cards made of eco-materials
  • Restricting the use of PVC debit cards is part of the bank's strategy for ESG business

UniCredit Bulbank will replace the existing Visa Debit & Visa Gold Debit cards with new generation cards made of 84% environmentally friendly materials (PLA) from May. The initiative is implemented in cooperation with Visa for Bulgaria.

The new biodegradable debit cards are created using a new technology that allows the production of a debit card with the strength and lifespan of our familiar PVC cards, but 84% of all materials are environmentally friendly, and 100% of the core PLA card is made from corn fibres. In addition, thanks to the plant-based materials used to make PLA cards, they won’t generate toxic fumes during incineration.

“As a digital leader, we know that many clients prefer their cards to be on their phones. But we also know that the bank should be there where it is most convenient for each client. For those who want the card to be in their wallet, we are delighted to offer debit cards made of environmentally friendly materials. We believe that any action to limit the use of plastic products is an action with a long-term positive effect on the environment. The entire bank team is committed to sustainable business management and innovative solutions. Thanks to our partners and clients for their engagement in the ESG transformation. Together we will achieve a greener and sustainable future ", commented Tsvetanka Mincheva, Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Bulbank.

According to UniCredit Bulbank, in 2021, a little over 360,000 PVC debit cards Visa Debit & Visa Gold Debit were issued and reissued. These cards will be replaced by cards made of ecological material. The new PLA debit cards will be available to both new customers of the bank and customers who would like to replace their existing standard PVC cards. In addition to being made of eco-material, the new debit cards will also have a new innovative design and a vertical image of the vision.

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