UniCredit Bulbank serves customers during the official holidays

UniCredit Bulbank serves customers during the official holidays

UniCredit Bulbank will serve customers during all four non-working days. On the first day of the long holiday for Bulgaria's Independence Day, the branches that will be open will be those usually open on Saturdays. In the days after that the customers will have at their disposal a total of 18 branches across the country.

During the holidays UniCredit Bulbank will serve all 740 ATMs across the country. An organization has been created for the quick fixing of technical failures of the ATMs and timely cash replenishment depending on withdrawal turnovers.

The customers can use 46 ATMs with a deposit functionality as well as 19 self-service zones with 24/7 access. There the customers can perform the usual banking operations – cash withdrawal and deposit, order of transfers, payment of bills, obtaining information and assistance with regard to the used banking products and services, etc.

UniCredit Bulbank would like to remind all of its cardholders that debit card withdrawals from ATMs of UniCredit are free of charge, both in Bulgaria and abroad. In addition, we would like to remind our customers of the below listed good practices for protection of their card details:

• Keep your card with the appropriate care and attention;

• The card and the card details should always be used personally by the cardholder;

• Change the PIN at an ATM immediately after receiving the card and memorize the PIN;

• Upon cash withdrawals from ATMs always put your hand over the keypad when you enter the PIN;

• Subscribe the card for the SMS notification service;

• Subscribe the card for the Secure Online Payments Service.

If a bank card is blocked or there are any other problems when performing operations at an ATM of the bank, customers can contact the call centre operators on duty at: 02/933 72 12, as well as the short number for calling from mobile phones – 15 21.

Further information regarding the branches that will be open during the holidays and the locations of the ATMs of the bank is available on the website of UniCredit Bulbank.

Further information for clients:

UniCredit Bulbank, Call Centre

Phone number: 0700 1 84 84