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UniCredit Bulbank provides preferential loans to SME under a new guarantee scheme


  • The Bank has signed a new agreement with the National Guarantee Fund intended to facilitate the access to funding. 

UniCredit Bulbank provides its SME clients with preferential terms and conditions for crediting. This is possible thanks to a new agreement, which the Bank signed with the National Guarantee Fund. According to the achieved arrangements, the Fund issues a guarantee supplementing the collateral under investment and working capital loans provided to SME, which covers up to 50% of the loan amount but no more than BGN 1.5 million per a borrower and its related parties.                    

Under this scheme, investment loans and working capital loans may be guaranteed, as well as limits for bank guarantees, incl. for advance payments, VAT payments, etc. The programme also covers bridge financing for beneficiaries with projects under various operating programmes (such as Innovations and Competitiveness, HR Development, etc.).  The loans may be in BGN or EUR and up to 30% of the amount of the new loan is allowed to be utilized for refinancing of an existing loan.

“Thanks to the agreement with the NGF we can offer to the small and medium enterprises facilitated access to financing, improved credit parameters, reduced requirements to the collateral and a fast approval procedure” - UniCredit Bulbank experts explained.

The preferential loans are intended for micro, small and medium enterprises as per the legal definition (having staff up to 249 people and an annual turnover amounting to BGN 97.5 million or a value of the assets up to BGN 84 million).

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