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UniCredit Bulbank provides an opportunity for electronic signing of mortgage loan agreements


UniCredit Bulbank provides an opportunity for electronic signing of mortgage loan agreements
  • With each digitally signed agreement we spare 210 pages and over 45 minutes of the customer’s time

Since the beginning of the year customers of UniCredit Bulbank have been able not only to apply for mortgage lending remotely, but also to digitally sign their agreement. The purpose of investing in digital processes is to accelerate transaction finalisation and improve customer experience and satisfaction.  Electronic signing makes it possible for users to benefit from the flexibility to read and sign the agreement on their mobile device at any place and time.

“We are happy to add a yet another digital service for mortgage lending. Our customers can now go through the entire mortgage lending process remotely. It is essential for us to offer our customers products and services of the highest quality possible, while strictly following our sustainable business strategy. We are all responsible to preserve the environment for the coming generations and we believe that we can do this by digitalising our everyday processes,” said Yulian Vlahov, Head of Marketing and Segments Department of Retail Banking Division at UniCredit Bulbank.

According to bank experts’ estimates, when customers sign mortgage loan agreements digitally, they save more than 45 minutes on average, without factoring in the time to get to the bank office. 

Using digital channels and electronic signing are already becoming more popular. Every fourth consumer loan granted by UniCredit Bulbank is digitally signed.

Digital services are one of the ways to preserve the world’s forests and plan the use of paper as efficiently as possible.

Further information regarding the remote process of mortgage loan application and approval is available for you here.

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