UniCredit Bulbank donates 100 000 BGN for the biggest Bulgarian emergency hospital Pirogov

The donation will cover the extraordinary medical needs due to COVID-19 pandemic

In the light of the national state of emergency generated by COVID-19 pandemic, UniCredit Bulbank donates 100 000 BGN to Pirogov Hospital to cover the extraordinary medical needs identified. Pirogov is the  biggest emergency hospital in Bulgaria of its kind and at the moment is facing the challenge of COVID 19.

 „In times like these, it is important to stay together acting for the things that really matter. We are facing a collective challenge and the health of people is the top priority we all have. We decided that the best way to address this urgent need is by supporting the medical system that provides vital care for the most affected” declared Teodora Petkova, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

„Our team of professionals is extremely grateful to all the donors who react so quickly and supported us in our joint battle against the invisible enemy”, commented Prof. Assen Baltov, Director of Pirogov.

This donation made by UniCredit Bulbank follows regional efforts - in Italy, the bank donated over 2 million euros for medical and protection equipment, research and patient care.  

The health and wellbeing of the employees and clients is a key priority for UniCredit Bulbank. The bank will continue to monitor the situation closely and act in everyone's best interest.

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