Secure Online Payments With Cards Will Now Use a Dynamic Password

Dear customers,

In accordance with the requirements of Directive PSD2* there is a forthcoming change in how secure payments with online merchants participating in the sеcure payments programmes of VISA Secure and Mastercard ID Check will be confirmed.

The static password that has been used so far for secure online payments will be replaced by a dynamic one from 20:00 on 14.07.2020. This change will apply to all customers of the bank, individuals and legal entities that own debit and credit VISA or Mastercard cards.

The dynamic password will be unique for each payment and is intended to increase the security of online payments through a strong authentication of the cardholder according to the regulatory requirements.

In order to receive the dynamic password for payment with online merchants participating in the secure online payments programmes VISA Secure and Mastercard ID Check, you have to activate this option free of charge for the card that you use for payment in Bulbank Mobile or Bulbank Online after the start of the service!

You can see how to activate the service and the way of payment with a dynamic password.

In order to be able to continue to make payments with online merchants, you need to have Bulbank Mobile or Bulbank Online. If you still do not have the mobile or online banking, you have the possibility to activate it now even faster and easier remotely without a visit to a bank branch. View here how to request your mobile banking or online banking – here.

For additional information and assistance, customers can contact the Technical Support Center of UniCredit Bulbank at 02 933 7333.

UniCredit Bulbank

*PSD2 is the EU Payment Services Directive, which sets out the rules on the market for banks as well as for fintech and large technological companies. The Directive aims to establish clear and transparent rules for all, while guaranteeing the protection of customers. The aim of PSD2 is to standardise, integrate and improve the efficiency of the payments in the EU and to offer an even better protection for consumers.