Robotization at UniCredit Consumer Financing improves customer experience

Since mid-2018 several software robots have serviced customers of the consumer financing company, UniCredit Consumer Financing (UCFin). 

“The software robots, part of the UCFin team, have worked mainly on processes related to commercial reporting, credit process and credit portfolio administration,” said Ivaylo Glavchovski, Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of UniCredit Consumer Financing.

 “Receiving services with high added value that creates positive customer experience is important for the customer. The robotic process automation (RPA) helps us in this particular respect. The implementation process was successful and the robots we use have already received recommendations and praises,” added Ivaylo Glavchovski.

The company has also created an internal team to focus on the determination of suitable processes and their subsequent “robotization”.

“Co-operation between people and robots is perfectly possible in the 21 century. Process automation does not threaten our job, but simplifies it,” added the Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of UniCredit Consumer Financing.

The employees of UniCredit Consumer Financing commented that since the “robots” joined the team, they have had more time for creative work and focusing on simplification and improvement of the processes and services for customers.

An example they give is the online process of application and utilization of POS loans, introduced in 2017. Currently, approximately 20% of the customers have benefited from it.

"Automation and digitalization of processes at UniCredit Consumer Financing is part of the long-term strategy of the company. The online market grew more than twice over the past five years. This calls for a constant improvement of customer experience when shopping online and we, at UniCredit Consumer Financing, keep working in this direction,” commented Ivaylo Glavchovski.

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