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Personal Remote Bankers Will Serve the Clients of UniCredit Bulbank


Personal Remote Bankers Will Serve the Clients of UniCredit Bulbank
  • The new service will make it possible for clients to use all banking services without going to a bank branch;

A part of the clients of UniCredit Bulbank will have the opportunity to use all banking services and products entirely remotely. Twenty remote bankers in Sofia and Plovdiv will serve individual customers and SME clients. For the moment, for the rest of the regions in the country, there are four personal remote bankers but due to the extremely positive feedback from clients, until the end of the year their number will grow.

If necessary, the clients who use the service have a choice - to visit a branch of the bank, or to receive from their remote banker all bank documents, services, products and consultations.

“UniCredit Bulbank's clients are looking for personalized services and products that meet their needs. More and more of them are starting to prefer the benefits of receiving these services and products without leaving their home or office and queuing up. At UniCredit Bulbank, the need to introduce this new service for personal remote bankers has long been in focus, even before the force majeure circumstances that imposed the social distancing measures of the past year. That is why at UniCredit Bulbank we worked hard to offer it to our clients. In this way, we provided a full digital service for everyday banking activities and again showed that the bank focuses on a better customer experience. Customers who use the service can discuss with their remote bankers various needs, what they require and can turn to them for help in their daily banking, as well as receive credit consultations.", commented Ekaterina Kirilova, Head of Sales Department, Retail Banking at UniCredit Bulbank.

A large number of the clients who have been given the opportunity to be served by a personal remote banker have already been notified of the contact numbers or the bankers themselves have contacted them. This is not the first service that the bank's clients can use entirely remotely. Over 80% of the bank's services for all individual customers are available by calling the bank’s Call Center at 0700 1 84 84. In addition, all clients of UniCredit Bulbank can make transfers and pay utility bills entirely remotely through Bulbank Online and Bulbank Mobile; they can avail themselves of fully digital lending of consumer and POS loans; or make payments with their phone through a digital wallet or Apple Pay, etc.

Additional media information:

Ekaterina Ancheva, tel +359 (0) 2 9264 963, flbufsjob/bodifwbAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch

Beatris Nikolova, tel +359 (0) 2 9232 528, cfbusjt/ojlpmpwbAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch

Victoria Blajeva, tel +359 (0) 2 9264 993, wjlj/ebwjepwbAvojdsfejuhspvq/ch