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Over 20,000 UCB customers prefer the new plans for individuals since the beginning of 2022


Over 20,000 UCB customers prefer the new plans for individuals since the beginning of 2022

More than 20,000 customers already use UniCredit Bulbank's new daily banking plans. This results only for the first three months of the year and shows that customers highly value this new product. 

With the monthly plans, customers receive the banking services they need in everyday life for a fixed monthly fee, significantly lower than the cost they would have if they used them separately.

The plans are offered in three options, "Start", "Plus", and "Max", and meet the needs of banking services of the different client groups.

For example, "Max" is for customers looking for a premium solution for their daily banking. It includes a Visa Gold debit card with numerous benefits - free withdrawal from ATMs of all Bulgarian banks and UniCredit Group abroad, exclusive access to Business Salons "Pliska" and "Preslav" at Sofia Airport, discounts on hotel reservations, free travel insurance. In addition, those who choose the Max plan have the freedom to make an unlimited number of free transactions through mobile banking - transfers in BGN and EUR, payments on utility bills, etc.

The "Plus" plan is suitable for clients of active age who receive their salary at the bank and want to have everything they need for their daily payments. Holders of this plan have a Visa debit card, with which the withdrawal of all UniCredit ATMs in the country and abroad is free of charge. Then, again, free of charge, customers can make unlimited transfers in BGN and EUR to UniCredit Bulbank accounts and pay their utility bills.

The bank offers a "Start" plan for its youngest customers, who need only the most basic services.

From May, all plans for daily banking will be issued with a new generation of Visa cards. The materials used to create them are environmentally friendly, and 100% of the core of the cards is made of corn fibre. The new cards can be completely decomposed and do not emit toxic fumes when burned, thanks to the natural materials. In addition, they are characterized by a highly innovative design - a vertical image and vision corresponding to the option chosen by the customer - "Start", "Plus", or "Max".

The Bank's clients can activate their chosen plan entirely remotely through the mobile banking of UniCredit Bulbank, Bulbank Mobile. In addition, there is the opportunity for new customers to discover the most popular plan, "Plus" entirely remotely through the "Become a customer" function on the home screen of Bulbank Mobile.

"The new plans are the basis of our strategy to offer quality and modern service to our customers following their expectations and the latest market trends. We have combined all the main elements we have been working on in recent years - product improvement and simplification, digitalization and electronic signing, care for the future and the environment," said Iulian Vlahov, Head of Marketing and segments Department at UniCredit Bulbank.

You can learn more about the new plans of UniCredit Bulbank here.

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